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Automatic Basket Tumble Blasting System

The automatic tumble blasting system is designed for cleaning high volume of small workpieces, such as screws, electronic components, small industry accessories. Automatic blasting process replaces manual operation, greatly save manpower and increase productivity.

  • CL-1080ZL
  • Tumble Blaster

Automatic Basket Tumble Blasting System, Tumble Blaster

The automatic tumble blaster is designed for blasting large volume of small workpieces. Simply load the workpieces into the tumble basket, close the door, set the blasting time, turn on the dust collector and start the machine, the pieces in the basket will be automatically and entirely cleaned. Automatic tumble blasting is perfect for removing burrs, heavy or ligh rust and scales on the surface. This easy automatic blasting process replaces manual operation, greatly save manpower and increase productivity.

Tumble Blasting System

Automatic Tumble Basket Blaster Features

  • Tumble blasting time can be set on demand, the position of gun blasting and swing speed can be automatically adjusted. 

  • Quantities of blast guns, blasket diameter are customized according to tumbling different workpieces.

  • An automatic blow-off is done after the blasting process to remove abrasive and dust of workpieces

  • Equip with an discharge chute make it simple to empty the basket

  • Tumbler blaster equipped with a filter dust collector, effectively remove rust and increase abrasive recycling rate.

  • Enclosed cabinet design in negative pressure working condition without dust leakage, which cause no pollution to the environment and no harm to workers' health.

automatic tumble blasting system

tumble blaster

Automatic Basket Tumble Blasting System Specifications

Model CL-1080ZL
Outer Size Length1200*Width1250*Height1800mm
Working Chamber Size Length1000*Width800*Height800mm
Basket Size 450*300 mm
Basket Loading Capacity 20kg
Dust Colletor Power 550W, cartridge filter type
Tumbling Basket Motor 220V/50HZ/200W
Power Supply 380V 3Phase(customized)
Compressed Air Source 5-7bar(kg/cm^2)
Machine Weight 380kg

How does tumble blaster work for batch parts processing?

Why choose kafan sand blasting machine?

1. The Equipment surface is electrostatic powder coated, avoid scratch and rust.

2. The user can choose to open the door in front or side. (how users want, how to open)

3. Equipment size, material and configuration can be customized according to demands

4. As experienced manufacturer guarantee the cost and quality.

5. Support sampling of customers’ products, offer installation and maintenance training.

6. One year warranty time. Perfect after-sales service.

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