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Garnet Blast Media, Blasting Abrasives

Garnet abrasive is in brown red or rose red, with high density, well self-shaped, high hardness, good toughness, it is the ideal choice of sandblasting and polishing media.
  • Garnet Blast Media

Garnet Blast Media, Blasting Abrasives

Garnet abrasive is screened and processed from natural ore, which forms in uniform particles, diamond crystals with sharp edges, the hardness is 7-8 degrees. 
There are more than twenty kinds of specifications of garnet.  With the development of market, the application of garnet abrasive is also constantly expanding. The thick garnet is mainly used in sandblasting industry for rust-removing, descaling, cleaning of metal surface, such as steel plate, aluminum profile, the diamond shape and sharp edge of the garnet have remarkable effect for sandblasting.
The thin garnet blasting media is specially for grinding and polishing. The workpiece finished by garnet will have high-finished and uniform surface with few sand markes.

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