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Glass Bead Media for Sandblasting

Glass Bead is a widely-used abrasive in sandblasting industry, has more advantages comparing with other abrasive material.
  • Glass beads

Glass Bead is a unique abrasive that is widely used in processes such as cleaning or metal surface strengthening, primarily for sand blasting equipment. Glass beads are made from crushed, high-quality glass. In manufacturing, broken glass melt into the ball and then annealed to eliminate stress and prevent damage

As an abrasive material glass beads has the following advantages comparing any other abrasive material 

1, the surface is bright, fantastic, high uniformity.
2, made of non-alkaline glass material, has good chemical stability, will not pollute the processing metal.
3, Glass bead media can speed up the cleanup, as same time maintain the processing accuracy of the original pieces.

4, the appearance is spherical particles, the surface is smooth with a good finish to meet international and domestic standards.

Physical properties of glass bead abrasive
Shape: Spherical, irregular diamond
Weight: 2.5g / m3
Bulk density: about 1.5g / cm3
Mohs hardness: 6-7
Rockwell hardness: about 46HRC
Main use: grinding, sandblasting, polishing
Typical Ingredients (%):  Si02:> 65.0 Na20 <14.0 Ca0> 8.0 Mg0> 2.5 Ai203> 0.5-2.0 Fe203: 0.15 Other: 2.0

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