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Industrial Sandblasting Cabinet

We use the latest technology for our sand blast machine, our cabinets are fully welded with 2mm steel plate with coated surface. Each components has proven reliability, we design and manufacture blasting machines in-house
  • KF-1515

  • Kafan

KF-1515 Industrial Sandblasting Cabinet

Industrial sandblasting cabinets are applied to surface treatment of various metal or non-metal parts. It is an economical solution that achieve all general surface finishing purpose, such as stripping, derusting, deburring, cleaning, decorating etc.

KF-1515 Sandblasting cabinet with working size L1500*W1500*H850mm is designed for bigger workparts, we supply a variety of standard sizes as well as custom models for special demands.

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KF-1515 Sandblasting Cabinet Main Structure

  • Abrasive Flow Regulator

Used abrasive is recirculated continuously throughout the blasting operation. An abrasive flow regulator controls and ensures the smooth flow of abrasive.

  • Blasting Gun

Alloy body holder complete with durable boron carbide nozzle.

  • Air Blowing Gun

Using after blasting process - removal of surplus dust and blasting media.

  • Cyclone Separator

Sepcially equipped for separating fine abrasives and dust, increase the abrasive recycling rate.

  • Dust Collector

Cartridge filter dust collector ensures that only clean and dust-free air is discharged to the atmosphere.

  • Foot Controlled Pedal

Foot pedal switch to control the work of blasting gun, which reduces the user’s fatigue, facilitates the operation and ensures the safety.

  • Body Material

The sandblasting cabinet is made of high quality steel plated, surface is powder coated. Sturdy and corrosion resistent.

KF-1515 Industrial Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications

Model: KF-1515
Outer Dimension: Length1500*Width1500*Height850mm
Loading Capacity: Max.500kgs (as request)
Power Supply: 110V/220V/380V/410V/450V(50-60Hz) 
Lighting: 18w Fluorescent
Fan Motor Power: 0.75kw
Compressed Air Pressure: dry and clean compressed air, 3-8 bar(kg/cm^2)
Required Air Flow: 0.5-1.2m^3/min

Different Standard Models for Choice

Model Outer Dimension(L*W*Hmm) Working Dimension(L*W*Hmm)
KF-6050 830*600*1500 600*500*650
KF-7050 930*700*1500 700*500*650
KF-9060 1030*900*1650 900*600*650
KF-9080 1230*900*1700 900*800*800
Kf-1010 1430*1100*1800 1000*1000*800
KF-1212 1620*1300*1800 1200*1200*800

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