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Industrial Siphon Sand Blast Cabinet, Manual Abrasive Blast Cabinet for Sale

The sand blast cabinet is designed for abrasive blasting industrial parts or components, like steel parts , hardware, machine accessories, ideal for removing burrs, stripping oxides process and cleaning contaminants.

  • CL-1010
  • Kafan
  • Sand Blast Cabinet

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Industrial Siphon Sand Blast Cabinet, Manual Abrasive Blast Cabinet

This siphon blast cabinet is designed for abrasive blasting industrial parts or components, like steel parts, hardware, machine accessories. It is an economical blasting equipment that achieve general surface finishing purpose, such as stripping process, derusting, deburring, cleaning etc.

The abrasive blast cabinet is siphon sandblasting type, which uses the compressed air to flow in the spray gun to produce negative pressure. The abrasive in the cyclone separator is sucked into the gun through the hose and then blasted from the nozzle to the workpiece surface.

The blasted abrasives will impact and grind with the surface, in which way remove the impurities, rust, oxide layer and other contaminants, results in a smooth and clean surface for subsequent procedure.

Manual Abrasive Blast Cabinet Main Struction

  • Abrasive Flow Regulator

Used abrasive is recirculated continuously throughout the blasting operation. An abrasive flow regulator controls and ensures the smooth flow of abrasive.

  • Blasting Gun

Alloy body holder complete with durable boron carbide nozzle.

  • Air Blowing Gun

Using after blasting process - removal of surplus dust and blasting media.

  • Dust Collector

Cartridge filter dust collector ensures that only clean and dust-free air is discharged to the atmosphere.

  • Foot Controlled Pedal

Foot pedal switch to control the work of blasting gun, which reduces the user’s fatigue, facilitates the operation and ensures the safety.

  • Abrasive Funnel

At the bottom of the cabinet, used Abrasives can be recycled by for many times, reduce consumption.

If you blasts a light product, the normal cabinet will meet the needs, if you operates heavy workpiece, like alloy wheel, mold, a special turntable can be equipped for easy loading and movement.

blast cabinet.jpg

CL-1010 Siphon Sand Blast Cabinet Specifications, Different Sizes for Choice.

Outer Dimension:Length1430*Width1100*Height1800mm
Working Dimension:Length1000*Width1000*Height800mm
Loading Capacity:Max.500kgs (as request)
Power Supply:110V/220V/380V/410V/450V(50-60Hz) 
Lighting:18w Fluorescent
Fan Motor Power:0.75kw
Compressed Air Pressure:dry and clean compressed air, 3-8 bar(kg/cm^2)
Required Air Flow:0.5-1.2m^3/min

ModelOuter Dimension(L*W*Hmm)Working Dimension(L*W*Hmm)

Wide application of  Industrial Sand Blast Cabinet 

1. Pretreatment of electroplating, paint spraying, coating, etc. to completely clean the surface and improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability.

2. Cleaning the mill scale/residues/dirt of casting/pressing /welding/heat treatment work piece, cleaning the surface of non-metal items, cleaning the black spots on the ceramic embryo surface, restoring paint grain pattern, etc.

3. Refurnishing sports part of car, motorcycle, electromechanical device, etc., eliminating fatigue stress and extending working life.

4. Removing surface marks of metal/non-metal items, dumb face and fog treatment processing to enhance the product grade.

5. Dumb face and fog treatment of mould, text composition, mould cleaning without damage to the mould.

6. Removing the tiny burrs of mechanical parts and injection plastic parts.

7. Removing unqualified covering,color and printing of products.

8. Enhancing the surface hardness of metal work piece and eliminating stress, such as processing plane vane, spring, machining knife, weapons etc.

9. Carving patterns/words and slip resistance treatment on the surface of metal and non-metal items, such as marble, handle anti-skid, stamping, stele lettering, etc.

10. Sandblasting/white mark/cat’s whisker effect treatment of jeans wear.

wheel blasting aluminum rust removing hardware mold cleaning ceramic blasting

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