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Sand Blasting Tombstones ,Headstone Sand sandblasting

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Tombstone blasting with what blasting equipment is better?

Tombstone blasting has the following two options, for reference only.

Method 1: Use high pressure Sandblasting pot


Advantages: Directly aim the spray gun at the tombstone to achieve lettering, fast and efficient.

Disadvantages: It needs manual recovery. After the sandblasting, the corundum splashes everywhere. Cleaning is troublesome. In addition, sandblasting dust is also large and the working environment is poor.

Method 2 Box-Type Tombstone Sandblaster


Advantages: The tombstone is placed in a closed box, and the corundum can be automatically recycled and reused. The blasting dust can be processed through the dust removal system of the sandblasting machine, which will not pollute the environment and benefit the workers' health. The lettering efficiency is high.

Disadvantages: The tombstone needs to be manually moved to the conveyor platform

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