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Sandblasting Cabinet Structure, Build a Sandblasting Cabinet

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Sandblasting cabinet can be classfied into dry blast cabinet and wet sandblast cabinet, dry blast cabinet is more widely used, wet blast cabinet is also a new innovative type which has a certain market. Here I gernerally introduce dry blast cabinet structure with functions:

Working Cabinet: One of the most important parts is the cabinet. The size of the cabinet is based on the product. For example: If your part is 400mm length, 200mm width and 300mm height, then the cabinet you selected is at least 600mm length, 400mm width and 550mm height. Of course, there are may be no such exact models in the market. Most sand blast cabinet manufacturer have several standard types. When you buy a blasting cabinet, try to select the standard one, whose price is much lower than the non-standard.

Dust Removal Systems: Sandblasting cabinet must have a dust removal system, while portable blast pot does not have. There are bag type and cartridge filter type, filter dust collector is better and more effective. Kafans blasting cabinet use the better one. Filter dust collector includes cartridge filter and fan motor. The power of the fan is determined by the size of the cabinet and the specification of the blast gun. It is generally chosen to be above 250W.

Why equip a dust collector for the blasting cabinet? During the blast cleaning process, there is much rust generates in the chamber, the collect system removes dust creating a clear chamber for good working view, as well as ensures pure abrasive (without dust) recycled and clean air discharged to the atmosphere.

Cyclone Separator (Optional): not all blast cabinets have cyclone system, it is applied to the condition that use ultra fine abrasives. Cyclone blaster could effective separate dust and fine abrasives.

Sandblast Gun: There are suction blast gun and pressure blast gun two types, Blast gun includes abrasive core and air core, spray nozzles. The most important and most expensive is the nozzle. At present, the nozzle material on the market use boron carbide, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, ceramic iron, and other materials, among which the best is boron carbide serving for a long time.

Solenoid Valve: control air in and out

Pressure Regulator Filter. Some supplier does not directly use pressure regulator filter, but divided into pressure regulator valve and filter, whose effects are same. The main function of pressure regulator filter is to filter water and oil in the air, adjust the pressure of compressed air. Each product requires different air pressure, generally up to 0.7MPA.

Foot Switch Pedal: The foot switch controls the solenoid valve, also means the working of blast gun. It has 2 types, one-step and two-step. Most manufacturers use one-step. That is, when the foot pressed the pedal, the sand blasting begins, leave the pedal, the sand blasting stops. The two-step type means foot pressing on, the blasting begins, leaving also blasting, pressing it again, the machine stops working.

Lighting: A good view of sandblasting work.

Kafan supply all kinds of sandblasting cabinet, dry blasting cabinet, wet blasting cabinet, pressure blast machine, cyclone blaster, large sandblast cabinet, lab sand blast cabinet. Welcome contact us for price and details.

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