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Glass Etching Cabinet, Glass Sandblasting Machine

Newly-designed glass etching machine with simple structure requires easy operation and less worries of maintenance, which is the best tool for etching pretty patterns.
  • KF-1080B

  • Kafan


Glass Etching Cabinet, Glass Sandblasting Machine

The glass blasting cabinet is specially designed for etching on the glass, or other materials such as marbles, ceramic, stainless steel. With one-step molding, It is the initial and optimal choice of glass etching. The etching results by glass sandblasting machine often presents to be uniform and perfect while it is much environment-friendly than traditional chemical processing.

The pass-through glass etching cabinet operates materials larger than itself with right and left door often as well as providing an easy access to the internal cabinet.

manual sandblasting machine

Glass Etching Cabinet Features  

  • Applicable for glass in 3-30mm thickness, a certain range of width within the cabinet, but the length could be larger than the blasting machine. 

  • Incorporates a cyclone system to separate extra-fine abrasive and dust for a reclaim of good abrasive and extra to reduce consumption.

  • The cartridge filter dust removing system will thoroughly collect dust and only exclude  clean and dust-free air to the atmosphere.

  • The glass etching machine is designed with several sets of arm holes and blasting gloves, the quantity is based on the size of the cabinet.

  • The glass sandblasting cabinet equipped with roller Conveyor slides workpieces for easy loading and unloading

glass sandblasting glass sandblaster

Glass Etching Cabinet Specifications



Outer Dimension


Working Dimension


Max. Workpart Size Allowed

Width 1300mm, length: 4000mm

Dust Collector

0.37Kw, 220V, 50Hz


18w fluorescent lamp

Blast Gun

1 pc aluminum alloy blast gun with

Machine Body

2mm thickness rolled-cold steel plate by welding.

View Window

1 set

Abrasive Funnel

1 set

Foot Pedal Control

1 set

Arm Hole

6 pcs

Air Pressure


Powder Supply


Total Machine Weight:


 Working dimensions of the glass etching cabinet can be customized

Why choose Kafan glass etching cabinet? 

Kafan offers customer best performance sandblasting machine to meet various surface finishing treatments, decorating, cleaning, descaling, deburring, polishing, always trying our best to pursue customer-satisfied quality and service.

To pursue best performance, we use the latest technology, we design and manufacture in-house. Each blasting equipment is equipped with high quality components that both have been tested for optimal performance., by all of which we ensure 1 year warranty period for any quality problem. For sea shipping, we will strictly packed in film and foam first, with wooden case outside to make sure it is safe and intact to your country.

glass sandblasting equipmemt

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