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Large Wet Sandblasting Machine with Double Cabinets

This wet sandblasting machine is made of stainless steel material, durable and anti-rust. Specially desinged double working station is for operating oversized products.
  • KF-1610W
  • Large Wet Sandblasting Machine

Large Wet Sandblasting Machine with Double Blast Cabinet

This wet sandblasting machine is made of stainless steel material, which features much more durable and never get rust when introducing water for wet blasting. 

It is specially designed with double working station for operating large products, and allows 2 operators process at the same time to improve efficiency.

wet sand blasting machine

What's the advantage of wet blasting?

1. The wet sandblasting process does not create dust, greatly improving the working environment, and makes the parts cleaner.

2. With water's buffering, wet blast machine is able to use thin abrasive for precise and delicate parts, doing a fine and gentle blasting.

3. Reduces the wear and damage to the blasting tool, and minimize the machine maintenance, extend the blaster's lifespan.

Wet Sandblasting Machine features

wet blasting gun

1. Built with 2 high performance slurry pumps to highly mix the abrasive and water.

2. A demister keeps the working chamber a clear view/

3. The blasting gun nozzle is made of most wear-resistant material, boron carbide.

4. Abrasive is effectively used for multi times, reduce consumption and save cost.

5. Foot pedal switch controls the working of blasting, safe and reliable.

6. Can add anti-rust agent to sandblasting slurry in order not to get rust of metal parts.

wet sandblasting machine

Large Wet Sandblasting Machine Specifications

Model:              KF-1610W            
Dimensions:             1700*1500*800mm    
Working cabin size:             1600*1000*800mm           
Power:              220V 50HZ            
Body plate thickness:             2mm            
Cabin lights             220V 13W Energy-saving Lights            
Machine weight:              320Kg            
Separator motor:              220V 50HZ 550W            
Separator power:              0.55KW            
Separator air volume:              4.5m3 / min            
Work piece sandblasting gun:              2 pieces            
Compressed air source:              3-8bar (kg / cm2) flow 0.6-1.0 cubic meters / min. (User-owned)       

Wet Sandblasting Machine Application

1. Remove burrs, sharp edges creates safe surface but without damage to substrates. 

2. Surface preparation for powder coating or wet painting, like aluminums, alloys or other metal parts.

3. Etching, decorating, matt finishing for glass or other metal materials.

4. Remove oxides, rust or other imperfections from surface for a smooth and clean appearance.

5. Cleaning or refurbishment for all kinds of parts, such as molds, castings, welding parts.

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