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Application Videos
Automatic Sandblasting for Alloy Wheel
It is fully automatic that obviously reduce labor efforts, and ensures finishing quality. The automatic blasting cabinet incorperates an turntable and a group of auto blast guns.
Roller Conveyor Automatic Blaster for Double Sides Sandblasting
It is configured with upper and lower 2 blasting stations, allows the 2 groups of blasting guns cleaning surfaces from upper and bottom sides.
Automatic Sandblasting for Wood Panel
The conveyorized sand blasting system with an array of pre-positioned automatic guns sweeping parts  s ideal for removing paints from wood panels.
Automatic Sandblasting for Small Steel Parts
Specially designed for high volume production of flat shape components, it is ideal for steel parts creating rough surfaces in order to get a new finishing process.
Tumble Belt Blasting for Cylindrical Shape Parts
Suited for surface treatment of big shape workparts or batch small sized parts. It deivers high working efficiency for rust-removing, with easy operation and maintenance.
Wet Sandblasting for Rusty Motorcycle Parts
Wet blasting cushions the cleaning process, giving a finer and higher quality finish, especially for delicate or complex products.
Automatic Blasting for Photovoltaic Glass Panel
The conveyor type sandblasting machine is designed for our client processing their photovoltaic glass plates, for the purpose of removing the paints on the surface.
Automatic Rotary Sandblasting for Cookware
The multi-station rotary automatic blasting system is designed for cyclindrical shaped objects, like cooking pot, pan, bottles, achieving batch production in uniform quality.
Automatic Conveying Blasting for Baking Pan
The continuous conveyor automatic blasting system is effective for refurbishing baking pan and other kitchen supplies, achieving high production in uniform quality.


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