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Headstone Sandblasting Cabinet, Tombstone Blasting Machine for Carving

This specially designed sandblasting cabinet is used for blasting and carving stone materials, such as tombstone, marble, granite, by using of hard abrasives, such as corundum, metal grit, the stone sandblaster decorates letters or patterns on the surface as required.
  • KF-1809B-2A
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  • Tombstone Blasting Cabinet

Headstone Sandblasting Cabinet, Tombstone Blasting Machine for Carving

This specially designed sandblasting cabinet is used for blasting and carving stone materials, such as headstone, marble, granite, by using of hard abrasives, such as corundum, metal grit, the stone sandblaster decorates letters or patterns on the surface.

Headstone sandblasting machine removes the contaminants, imperfection, restore the scratches, also matte finishes the light surface and get a certain roughness, which is applicable for construction decorating. 

headstone sandblasting equipment

  headstone sandblasting equipment

Headstone Sandblasting Cabinet Features:

  • Double working station

The tombstone blasting cabinet has double working stations, containing 2 sets blasting gloves and 2 sets blasting guns, which allows bigger size workpieces, and two operates working simultaneously.

  • Pulley design for parts moving

The inner cabinet of the stone blasting machine has back pulleys and bottom slide for easy movement of the products, ensures the surface of the workpiece is uniformly blasted by abrasives, achieve optimal sandblasting results.


  • Safe foot pedal controlled working:

When the foot switch is lightly pressed, the solenoid valve opens and the compressed air enters the blast gun. The abrasive will be ejected from the bottom of the storage tank to the gun, then is jetted onto the surface of the workparts.


  • Compressed air regulating

Adjusts the filter pressure valve to control the compressed air pressure which enters into the blasting gun based on the working requirements. The working pressure can be chosen within the range of 2.8-7 bar.


  • Cartridge filter dust collector

The dust collector at the back of the headstone sandblasting cabinet is cartridge filter type, effectively remove dust from the working chamber, ensure the pure abrasives are recycled, and only the dustfree and clean air is discharged to the atmosphere, environmental-friendly.

Headstone Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications

Model KF-1809B-2A

Outer Dimension

L1800mm * W900mm * H1800mm

Working Dimension

L1800mm * W900mm * H1200mm

Max. Size of Processed Product

Length1600mm * Width1000mm


Power Supply

220V, 50Hz


220V, LED, 3 sets

Compressed air supply


Air Flow

0.8-1.2m3/min, dry clean compressed air

Dust Collector Type

Pulse-jet cartridge filter type

Basting Gun

B type, 2pcs,with 8mm boron carbide nozzle.

Machine Loading Capacity


Machine Weight


Headstone Sandbasting Cabinet Components

Main Parts

A.C. Contactor

1 pc


5W, LED, 3 pcs

Power Switch

1 pc

Pulse Switch

1 pc

Solenoid Valve

1 pc

Pulse Valve

1 pc

Blasting Hose

6 m

Air Hose

6 m

Pressure Gauge

3 pcs

Blasting Gun

B type, 2 pcs

Blasting Nozzle

8mm boron carbide, 2 pcs

Dust Removing Motor

0.55KW, 1 pc

Quick Wearing Parts

Sandblasting Gun


Sandblasting Hose


Blasting Gloves

2 pairs


4 pcs

Food Pedal Switch

2 pcs

How the tombstone blasting cabinet work?

This is a suction abrasive blast machine, also called siphon blasting system, with the help of negative pressure created by high-speed airflow in the blast gun, the blast gun sucks the abrasive from the storage funnel and deliver it to the gun nozzle then blast to the workpiece surface.

Why choose sandblasting machine? 

Industrial sand blasting machine has overcome a lot of challenges which manual work often encounters, such as cleaning corner and concavities, while blaster can operate any intricate shapes and awkward portions

The sandblasting job replaces chemical phosphorization process, which is environmetal-friendly and cause no sewage charge. The quick sandblasting process not only change the surface roughness while also remove the welding slag, burrs and flash.

It is the process that traditional chemical and manual jobs can not compete. The covered paints and coatings has superior quality and longer life if the products has ever processed by sandblasting. It is a universal surface finishing process adopted at present, high efficiency, low cost.

Kafan Sandblasting Equipment Production Process:

1.Design & Drawing: As per customers’ size and application requirement, our engineers design the scheme and make the drawing.

2.CNC machine processing: Process the raw material to be molding with CNC punching machine.

3.Bending: Bend the molding plate by bending machine.

4.Welding: Weld the molding plate after bending by heating, high temperature or high pressure.

5.Preliminary assembly:Assemble the main machine body.

6.Surface coating: Spray the molding plate with plastic powder, then cure in curing oven and get finished parts after cooling.

7.Assembling: Assemble all finished parts to form a complete machine

8.Electricity Connection: Connect the electricity of the machine according to the prepared circuit diagram

9.Testing:Test if the equipment can work normally before leaving factory.

10.Package: Pack with film and foam first, then with wooden cases outside for safe delivering


kafan blasting equipment

Located in Hangzhou, China, we we own a manufacturing base of 3600 square meter, around 100 employees and 24 sets production equipment, dividing into technical department, sales department, after-sale department, production department, QC department, manage and finance department, etc. As a fast growing company in supplying sandblasting equipment and mass finishing equipment, we devoted all ourselves to offering solution for any surface finishing problems.    

Our products can be divided into two main parts, sandblasting equipment and mass finishing machines.

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