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Frequency Adjustable Vibratory Bowl Polishing Deburring Machine

Kafan offering mass finishing equipment as customer required, the vibratory deburring machine is specially designed with electric controller for more convenient operation.
  • KF-150AB
  • Kafan
  • Vibratory Deburring Machine

Frequency Adjustable Vibratory Deburring Machine vibratory deburring machine

Driven by a vibration motor, the polishing media and compounds constantly contacts the part's surface, their mutual friction attain the purpose of deburring, polishing, cleaning, chamfering to obtain desired surface.

The vibratory deburring machine can be customized with an electric controller to adjust frequency and amplitude of the vibratory motor in order to get precise finish for different requirements and parts, ensure optimal results.

Features of Vibratory Deburring Machine

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* 3 phase high performance vibration motor cause stronger grinding force on parts and ensure deep polishing 

* Heavy-duty bowl with wear resistant polyurethane lining avoid damage to parts as well as extend its lifespan. 

* Automatic discharge section allows 100% media and parts seperating, which releases manual labor.

* The urethane screen of the separating system can be customized according to size of parts and medias you choose.

KF-95AB Vibratory Tumbler Specifications

Mode KF-150AB)
Capacity 150L
Motor Power(kw) 2.2-3.0
Speed(r/min) 1450
Amplitude(mm) 0.8-4
Rubber lining(mm) 6-12
Weight(kg) 240kg
Size L*W*H(mm) 1150*1050*900

Why choose kafan vibratory deburring machines?

The vibratory deburring bowl is particularly suitable for preparing a large quantity of small to medium sized parts. Due to the actions of entire load, the vibratory tumbler can operate sensitive and fragile parts without any damages. Moreover, tumbling media can reach any corners or concavities of parts for a thorough finish while barrel finisher or centrifugal finisher can not achieve.

Advantages of Vibratory Deburring Process

1.Cost-effective, most widely used mass finishing products, accepted by customers over the world. 

2.Labor-saving, batch production of parts, replace manpower to enhance working efficiency 6-10 times 

3.Uniform result, vibratory polisher get over the difficulty of  discrepancy results operated by manual 

4.Versatile model, this polishing machine can match with each kinds of metal, plastic or ceramic products. 

5.Splendid effect, not only for irregular-shaped parts, but also supported for sensitive and dedicated parts.

About Kafan - Surface Finishing Solver

We offering vibratory tumbling machines in a variety of styles and fuctions, such as 60L vibratory bowl for small production, 650L vibratory polishing machine for large output, vibratory finisher with media-part separator for auto discharge, also supply curved bowl vibratory tumbler.

Kafan is leading manufacturer and designer of surface finishing equipment, including sandblasting machine and mass finishing system. We have specialized this industry for over 10 years and exported to more than 100 countries. We own 2000 square meter production base, around 100 dedicated staff and many advanced manufacturing equipment, all aiming to produce high quality products for worlwide customers.