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600 Litre Abrasive Blasting Machines Type Portable Sandblaster With Double Guns

Pressure pot sandblaster with double blasting guns is designed for higher sandblasting efficiency, opening and mobile type pressure sandblaster, special for large outside sandblasting job.
  • CL-109P-2-C

  • Kafan


Description of Pressure pot sandblaster

Double sandblasting guns designed for higher sandblasting efficiency

Opening and mobile type pressure sandblaster, special for large outside sandblasting job.

This pot sandblaster is able to contain big volume of blasting abrasives

Direct Pressure sandblaster pot gets the job done sooner than suction type

The sandblaster body is made of 8mm cold-rolled welded steel with powder coated surface, solid and anti-rust.

The pressure pot sandblaster is equipped with a blasting gun along with a Dia. 8mm boron carbide nozzle.

Can be designed with manual control, electric control or pneumatic control.

Specifications of Pressure pot sandblaster

Pot wall thickness8mm
Pot Sandblaster SizeH1400mm *Dia800mm
Tank volume600L/0.6m^3
Blast gun No.2pcs(Pneumatic control)
Nozzle Diameter8/10/12mm
Max cleaning speed of each gun20-28m^2/h
Compressed air4-8kg/cm^2
Air Consumption of each gun3.2m^2/min
Abrasive particle sizeG25-G40(Dia 0.2-1.2mm)
Sand Amount500-600kg for one time
Sandblast hose100m

Advantages of Double Guns Pressure Pot Sandblaster

1. Customized industrial sandblasters are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

2. Cause no pollution on the workpieces surface and no chemical reaction between workpieces and blasting media

3. Heavy or hard workpieces can be easily reached and cleaned by pressure sandblaster

4. Processing by sandblaster can greatly improve the surface cleaning and reduce much manual effort.

5. Various options of blasting abrasive is available, such as: glass beads, white corundum, steel ball, brown aluminum oxide, ceramic sand, etc.

6.Working pressure of 12 bar.
7.A full range of Abrasive Metering Valves are available.
- Highly efficient Clearline Moisture Separator to prevent the entry of moisture and oil from the compressor into the blast pot

8.All machines are CE approved and supplied with full international test certification

industrial sandblaster for sale.jpg

Accessories of Pressure pot sandblaster

sandblasting nozzles

sandblasting helmet 

sandblasting gloves

sandblasting hose

sandblasting mask

sandblasting suit

sandblaster accessories.jpg

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