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sand blasting machine manufacturer
Vibratory finishing machine for sale
sandblasting machine manufacturer
sandblasting machine manufacturer



Kafan is your good choice of surface finishing equipment manufacturer, which solve the difficulty, expense and time cost that you face in pursuing a brilliant surface effect, such as cleaning, deburring, polishing, descaling, decorating, refurbishing. Kafan specialize in sandblasting equipment and mass finishing systems that meet all kinds of requirements and all materials, whether metal or non-metal. During the years experience of supplying surface finishing solution, kafan always using advanced technology to offer recognized-quality products, innovation and valuable services.


Powerful Manufacturing Ability

We own a manufacturing base of a large building in Hangzhou, own professional production staff and  equipment. We build every machine in-house, producing process including design, drawing, material preparing, bending, welding, assembling, electric connecting, testing, etc. We can easily control the cost and quality to ensure providing a reliable and valuable product for customers.

Professional Sales Team

We have professional sales teams, most of whom have stayed with us for many years, they are quite knowledgeable with our products. What’s more, they master in English, Spanish, German, Russian, will have an barrier-free communication for customers in different languages. They provide 24-hour on-line service, making customer trust Kafan is their mission.


Rich Exporting Experience

Thanks to tireless efforts of all our staff, we have broadened our market to worldwide countries and enjoyed high praise of each equipment. Especially in US, Europe, Asia, North America, South Africa, we have established long-term business with many customers who entirely trust and know us. And that’s the power prompting us to pursue endless quality and service.


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Industry News

  • Cause & Solution of Vibratory Polisher Motor Burning Out

    The vibration grinder motor burned out the solution: Vibration grinders are generally very stable in quality and rarely subject to after-sales problems. A recent case has been shared for everyone:Due to the long-term vibration of the grinder, the bolts on the motor will be loose to some extent. When

  • It is possible for a wet sandblaster using hot water and detergent to clean grease?

    As we know, the so-called wet blasting machine uses slurry (abrasive and water mixture) as the finishing media, which is evenly stirred by the slurry pump. Compressed air acts as the acceleration power to feed the slurry to the spray gun and blast out to the object surface through the nozzle for the


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