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How to polish a knife?

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knife polishing

Three kinds of finishing medias you need:

High-frequency porcelain 2.5*8, High-alumina porcelain: 6mm; Brown aluminum oxide ball: 6mm

Chemical Compounds:

Two bottles of brightener, one bottle detergent

Knife Polishing Procedures:

Conditions 1:

If the knife is smooth and clean, means without burrs and oxides, use a centrifugal barrel polishing machine and fill it with high-alumina porcelain, brightener and parts making for a centrifugal finish about 30 minutes. After that, change high-frequency porcelain and detergent to clean the knife in the centrifugal barrel tumbler still for about 30 minutes.

Condition 2:

If the knife has burrs and oxides, add one step before the operations in condition 1, that is, use brown aluminum oxide in the centrifugal barrel finisher to remove burrs, oxides and other contaminants. Then do the same steps in condition 1.

Those treatments could creates mirror effect for the knife.

We have several modes of centrifugal barrel polisher for different scale productions:

15L, 30L, 40L, 60L 80L Centrifugal Barrel Polishing Machine

To see features of mass finishing media, visit:

How to choose mass polishing media?

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