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Automatic Belt Sandblasting Machine for Photovoltaic Glass

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3The continuous belt type automatic sandblasting machine is designed for one of our clients processing their photovoltaic glass plates, for the purpose of removing the paints on the surface to get matt finishing.

The specially configured U-type channel transports the workpieces back to the loading area so that one worker can carry out the loading and unloading at the same time.

photovoltaic glass

before sandblasting


after sandblasting


Suitable size of photovoltaic glass: L700*W460mm, no limit to length.
Pass through opening size: 600*300 (W*H) mm.
Fan motor of dust collector: 5.5KW/220-480V/50/60HZ 3phase
Loading capacity of conveyor belt: 200kgs
Speed of conveyor belt: 0.75kw, adjustable
Automatic blast guns: 8pcs
Blast gun swinging power: 400W
automatic sandblasting machine
sandblasting photovoltaic glass

Automatic Sandblasting Machine Application in Custoner's Factory

Automatic Belt Sandblasting Machine Advantages

In the automated blasting system, components are continuously presented to an array of pre-positioned guns as the parts are conveyed in and out of the blast chamber on an adjustable-speed belt.  Up to 8 (or more) suction-blast guns are bracketed to sweep parts in linear motion synchronized with continuous movement of the belt.

The continuous flow sandblasting system ensures high output, increases quality consistency, avoids the uneven blasting effect, chromatic aberration and quality problem.

Automatic Belt Sandblasting Machine Features

  • Individual control of each blasting nozzle, can be set for fixed blasting or swinging blasting, the swinging angle and distance to the workpiece are adjustable.

  • Belt conveying speed is controllable with variable frequency 0-2m/min.

  • PLC control system with touch screen provides flexibility, accuracy, reliability, which can be connected to the phone or computer for romote control.

  • Thoroughly dust collect system leaves a clear working view and ensures the recycling of pure abrasive and the free dust air discharged to the atmosphere

  • Equip with safety operation interlock system by solenoid valve between suction system and blasting system to control air supply.

  • Automatic abrasive reusable system

  • Adjustable curtain at entrance and exit to prevent the dust from escaping.

Automatic Conveyor Sandblasting MachineAutomatic Belt Sandblasting Machine

Automatic Belt Sandblasting Machine

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