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Automatic Rotary Sand Blasting Machine for Brake Caliper

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automatic sandblasting for brake callisper

Product: Automatic rotary table blasting machine

Customer Location: United Kingdom

Application: blasting the brake caliper of motorcycle

One of our clients from UK requires an automatic blasting machine for processing the brake caliper of motorcycle and other spare parts, they pursue uniform finishing quality and higher output, thus we recommend our rotary indexing table blasting machine. It can process about 250pcs brake calipers each hour.

They delivered some pieces of brake calipers to our factory for testing and were vary satisfied with the finishing effect and then ordered this Automatic Rotary Indexing Blasting Machine. Automatic rotary blasting machine is widely used for various shapes of spare parts, no matter it is round, square or irregular shapes.

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Automatic Rotary Sand Blasting Machine Specifications

Model: KF-1512-8A
Main Dimension 1500x1200x2000mm
Dust Collector Size 1200x1200x1700mm
Large Turntable Size Dia 900mm
Drive Motor Power 1.1kw
Qty of Small Turntables 8 sets
Drive Motor Power 0.75kw
Max. Size of Parts Allowed Dia 250mm x Height 350mm
Qty of Blast Guns 8 pcs
Blast Gun Nozzle Durable Boron Carbide
Power Supply 380V/220V As required
Separator Motor 5.5kw
Compressed Air Source 2-8bar (kg / cm2)

Automatic Rotary Sand Blasting Machine Features

  • Configured with a large indexing table and fitted with multiple spindles inserted with workparts. 

  • The indexing table intermittently rotates to present spindle stations to the blasting guns and spindle tables rotates itself ensure all the surface to be covered

  • Designed with special spinning fixtures for each kinds of workparts.

  • Blasting and turntable spinning time are both adjustable according to the different request of finishing.

  • Blasting guns can be fixed or horizontal or vertical traversing to suit the requirements of different parts.

Automatic Rotary Indexing Blasting Machine Details

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