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Complete Wheel Finishing Solution

 Kafan offers various industrial finishing machines for wheel surface treatment, including manual and automatic sandblasting machines, shot blasting machine ideal for cleaning, rust-removing, paint-stripping to obtain tidy and ahesive surfaces for subsequent processes, as well as vibratory polishing machine for smooth and shiny surface, powder coating equipment to create a decorative and protective coverage film.

Manual Type Wheel Sand Blasting Machine

A gentle and economical solution for wheel surface cleaning, specially designed turntable and cart for easy handling of heavy wheel

Wet Type Wheel Blasting Machine

Wet blasting introduces water into abrasive cleaning, makes alloy wheel a clean, smooth and lustrous surfaces

Automatic Wheel Sandblasting Machine

A group of automatic guns clean wheels at the same time turntable automatic rotates, greatly saving labor.

Automatic Wheel Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting features much quicker adn efficient for wheel cleaning, rust-removing, paint-removing, fully automatic, but costs a little higher.

Vibratory Polishing Machine for Alloy Wheel

Obtains high brightness and smoothness by vibratory wheel polishing machine. excellent for various wheels to get mirro effect,

Powder Coating System for Alloy Wheel

Easily and efficiently get a durable, colorful, protective film by powder coating equipment, includes powder gun, spray booth and curing oven


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