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  • After each grinding operation, stop for a period of time, use this time, to clean the grinding machine, otherwise the residual grinding fluid and grinding water will dry up, hard, causing damage to the machine.To regularly check all parts of the lubrication and add lubricating oil, should be vibrati


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  • German customers use the original basic vibratory finishing machine. Their factory has higher requirements on the working environment, so we ask for help. We want a capped vibrating mill to reduce or isolate the noise pollution during processing. For the convenience of operation, we designed the cov


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  • Sandblasting is pretreatment process of surface coating, the blasting machine effectively removes rust, oxides, burrs or other contaminants from the workparts surfaces, creates smooth and clean surface, increase the adhesion for better powder coating.


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  • The glass sandblasting machine is specially designed for etching on the glass, With one-step molding, It is the initial and optimal choice of glass etching. The etching results by glass sandblasting machine often presents to be uniform and perfect while it is much environment-friendly than tradition


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  • 1, Must wear protective clothes before sandblasting work, not allowed to be in bare, operators not less than two people.2, Gas storage tank, pressure gauge, safety valve must to be regularly checked. The gas storage tank emits dust once two weeks, the filter in the abrasive funnel must be checked on


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  • Sandblasting processing range: hardware rust removal, aluminum alloy sandblasting, glass blasting (matte effect), plastic blasting (deburring), acrylic blasting (matte effect), Resin surface treatment, casting parts blasting, zinc alloy blasting (rough surface), stainless steel blasting, stone mater


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  • With the wide application of the sandblasting machine, operators may happen to some breakdowns during the using that trouble them a lot.The blasting machine will not be able to continue used if not solved in time. Let's take a look at the common breakdowns and remedies.The compressed air is off.Too


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  • Automatic sandblasting machine aims to replace manpower to increase production capacity and improve finishing quality, a good solution to creates uniform and clean surface.Automatic blasting machine is designed with various types to meet different workparts and applications. Here I introduce several


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  • Compared with the dry blasting machine, the wet sandblaster is better for controlling the dust pollution during the blasting process and improving the working environment of the blasting operation. The wet blasting machine can increase the surface finish by 0.5-2.0 grade after blasting, If using dif


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  • Three kinds of finishing medias you need:High-frequency porcelain 2.5*8, High-alumina porcelain: 6mm; Brown aluminum oxide ball: 6mmChemical Compounds:Two bottles of brightener, one bottle detergentKnife Polishing Procedures:Conditions 1:If the knife is smooth and clean, means without burrs and oxid


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