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  • How abrasives recycle in the automatic sandblasting machine?

    How does abrasive recycle inside the automatic pass through conveyor sandblasting machine? The automatic pass through conveyor belt sandblasting machine is widely applied for long and flat parts sandblasting, for its high productivity, easy operation and free maintenance. Its usage cost is also qui

  • Is cyclone necessary for a high pressure sandblast cabinet?

    The abrasive flow speed of pressure blasting cabinet is about 3.5 times of suction type blasting cabinet, so it can improve the efficiency greatly. Some clients choose it for hard metal parts surface blasting. The suitable abrasive to work with is steel shot, stainless steel grit, and some other abr

  • How to restore metal parts and paint with new color? Sandblasting & Powder Coating

    How to renovate metal part and paint with new color? With the help of vapor sandblasting machine, the rust, dirt and old painting are all removed after blasting by aluminum oxide and water. Aluminum oxide and water are recycled inside the cabinet. This doesn’t generate any waste and is totally frie

  • Why it is necessary to sandblast before powder coating?

    Sandblasting is one of the most important steps you can take when powder coating metal parts. It's an essential part of cleaning metal before powder coating, ensuring the powder coat lasts a long time and isn't harmed by contaminants on the metal surface. Sandblasting comes with many benefits, and u

  • What is aqua blasting? - Wet Blasting Technology

    What is aqua blasting? Aqua blasting, also known as vapour blasting or wet blasting is the non-aggressive removal of surface dirt and grime from metal components . The key to aqua blasting is that the finish is produced through the flow of water borne abrasive. A finer finish is achieved due to the

  • What is closed loop wet blasting system?

    A closed loop wet blast cabinet only requires a compressed air supply and a power source to operate. Once you add abrasive and water to the cabinet, and add water to the external tank, you recycle the water-abrasive slurry mix until you want to change it out.

  • How to mirror polishing aluminum workparts?

    Step 1Using vibratory tumbler bowl,

  • Vibratory Tumbling Media Selection Guide

    Vibratory finishing achieves rough or precision treatment for parts processing, such as removing unwanted burrs, smoothing sharp edges, creating bright and new surfaces, while the tumbling media acts a vital role to attain those purposes

  • How to polish small metal parts effectively

    Vibratory polishing machine have a high performance motor with eccentric weght that shakes the bowl in a circular path, making entire load constantly rotating and tumbling, in which condition the parts and media rub against each other to reach the purpose of surface finishing

  • How to choose right size air compressor for sandblasting machine?

    As we know sandblasting machine has at least a piece of blasting gun which powered by compressed air, thus for each blast gun the air consumption is 1.0CBM/Min. Sandblasting equipment manufacturered by Kafan includes dry blaster

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