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Is sandblasting necessary before painting coating?

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In order to get uniform, smooth, and long-lasting finish, parts needs to be cleaned before painting. Chemical cleaning is usually applied in the past. But this is not friendly to the environment. So sandblasting plays a more and more important role in the process of pretreatment instead of chemical cleaning, due to no pollution. Sandblasting works with abrasive, blasting on the part surface, which not only removes oxide scales but also forms ideal rough surface with minuscule scratches. This makes it easier for powder or liquid particles to bond with the parts and adheres the coating tightly. 

In a word, sandblasting is appropriate and necessary pretreatment before painting. Without sandblasting, coating can't properly adhere to the surface of part. The quality of the coating will reduce greatly and cracking, bubbling, and peeling may appear without good adhesion. Sandblasting will ensure the coating last longer without peeling or cracking.

Sandblasting can be processed by manual or automatic sandblasting machine, manual blasting machine offers more flexibility if you need to process various shapes, various sizes of workparts. But if your have big volumes and requires consistent quality, then a set of Kafan automatic sandblaster will offer your great experience that saves labor force and gets uniform and thorough blasting finish.

Automatic sandblasting machine can process the parts in batch and meets the target of productivity. Any part, no mater rusted, dirt and oil covered, spotted, can all become beautiful and attractive after passing through the automatic conveyor sandblasting machine. Sandblasting is prime option for cleaning parts before painting.

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