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Automatic Shot Blasting Machine for Alloy Wheel

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This is an automated shot blasting machine specially for alloy wheel peening, cleaning and surface preparation. Kafan designed and shipped it to our Belgium client.  which is suited for handling alloy wheel whose Max. diameter is 30 inches. The blasting cycle is about 3-5 minutes to get a completely clean wheel from even a highly corroded one.

wheel shot blasting machineshot blasting

Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting Machine Specifications

Working Chamber Size L1300*W1300*H780mm
Footprint Size L1720*W3658*H2265mm
Suitable wheel size: Diameter700mm * Thickness500mm (Or smaller)
Control System PLC
Rotating Speed of Rollers: Adjustable
Shot Blasting Speed
Dust Collector Type: Anti-flame filters
Power Supply:

Impeller head power:

Fan motor power: 2.2KW
Roller Drive Power 400W
Elevator system power: 1.5KW

How does the wheel shot blasting machine work?

Shot blasting machine is powered by electromechanical not by compressed air, it works through a high-speed rotating impeller to throw out steel shots in high speed and high flow, thus creates more forceful impact to surface. The turbines located at appropriate angles blasts steel shots and cleans part surfaces.

The alloy wheel is placed in the chamber where the process is fully automatic and can be controlled by a timer. The blasting time can be set according to different request, light blasting or longer period.Each finishing circle allows one piece alloy wheel blasted but only takes 3-5 minutes.

Why choose shot blasting for alloy wheel?

The alloy wheel shot blasting machine is an automated lsystem which significantly simplifies the blasting process for wheel cleaning and finishing

  • Powerful impact force that cleans wheel at high efficiency

  • Fully automatic process, just need one operater take the wheel in and out 

  • Get good roughness that increase surface adhesion before coating.

  • Greatly saves time and labor.

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