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Ideal for large-volume and consistent quality applications, kafan automatic sandblasting machines speeds up production time with using less manual efforts. Whatever your process objectives are, Kafan could custom-design batch types or continuous flow types automation machine to achieve the highest surface preparation standards.

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Pressure blast cabinet delivers higher abrasive velocity for greater blasting force comparing with suction blaster. This direct pressure type increases your production rate by as much as 300%. It is exactly suitable for tough cleaning jobs with less efforts.

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Automatic tumble blasting machine is designed for cleaning or deburring the surface of extremely small accessories in high-production. Batch processing creates excellent uniformity with minimal labor efforts.

Tumble belt blasting machine based on automatic operation that is suited for surface treatment of small and medium sized parts in high volumes, as well as relatively heavy, complex-shaped parts that would be hard to handle in a traditional blasting cabinet.

The automarc sandblasting machine is equipped with multi-independently rotating work stations on an indexing table that itself rotates through the cabinet, specially designed for batch finishing of inner and outer surfaces of round disc, cylinder or polygon shaped product,

MIni sandblaster cabinet is applicable for lab testing jobs or blasting very small workparts, such as electronics, accessories, hardware, decorations, jewelry, etc.  It features limited space, lightweight, and simple structured.

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Kafan supply sand blasting media, such as aluminum oxide, plastic media, ceramic media, steel grit. The blasting abrasive is in high quality and good price, welcome contact us!

Sand blasting accessories includes blast gun, blasting nozzle, sandblasting gloves, blasting hose, etc. Kafan supply sandblasting machine parts for your replacement.


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