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Automatic Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet

The is an automatic sandblast cabinet designed with turntable to enhance improve working efficiency when operating heavy or irregular shaped workparts, especially excellent for wheel finish.
  • KF-1212A-4A

  • Kafan


Automatic Turntable Sandblast Cabinet

This automatic sandblasting cabinet designed with a turntable achieves high processing efficiency and great labor saving. As a group of auto guns blasting and swinging, the turntable rotates automatically at the same time, thus all surfaces and corners of the object can be cleaned thoroughly and evenly.

automated sandblasting cabinet

This automatic blasting cabinet developed by KAFAN incorporating many years' experience of customers' practice, specially suitable for wheel finish, such as stripping old paints and creating a adhesive surface before powder coating. It requires 20 minutes by using white corundum 

Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet Features

  • Control panel at the front gives you easy access to set blasting time, select gun blasting mode and dust removing.

  • The blasting guns can be set both manual or automatic operation to meet your various needs.

  • Heavy-duty turntable is ideal to load large, irregular shaped workparts.

  • Blasting time can be set as required, the machine will automatically stop when time arrives.

  • The removed dust is collected through a cartridge filter dust collector, which is cleaned by pulse-jet valve.

  • Used abraives can be recycled to the funnel beneath the working chamber

wheel sandblasting cabinet sandblasting cabinet dust collector

Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications



Working chamber dimension(L*W*H):


Power supply:

220V, 50HZ (voltage can be customized as local)

Machine light power:

220V, LED* 2 

Compressed air source:


Air flow:

0.8-3m3/min dry and clean compressed air

Separator air volume:


Dust removal method

Cartridge Filter Type

Blasting Gun Qty

4 pcs

Blasting Nozzle

Boron Carbide

Why choose Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet for Wheels

Full automatic operation reduces labor cost while ensures efficiency and quality consistency, offering flexiblility with both automatic and manual blasting modes. Dust collectors effectively remove dust from the working chamber, ensure pure abrasives are recycled, and only the clean air is vented to the atmosphere. The popular sandblast cabinet is widely needed as we sold for many years, the porved quality and performance requires less maintenance.

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