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Application Showcsae
Welcome to the Kafan Application Showcase, featuring innovative and profitable projects built by customers from worldwide.

Whether projects answers a specific need, improves an existing product, or provides an easier way to get work done, every creation on the Showcase has something in common: Check back regularly to see our growing collection of customer projects.
Automatic Sandblasting Machine for Galvanized Parts

This automatic conveyor sandblasting machine is going to be shipped to one of our clients in India. They use this machine for processing hot dip galvanized parts.

Aqua Blasting Machine to Restore Motorcycle Engine Parts

The Australian Customer odered the vapor aqua blasting machine from Kafan to restore their motorcycle engine parts, they really got results with amazing efficiency. It takes only 7 minutes to remove the

Automatic Comveyor Sandblasting Machine for Aluminium Parts

The Malaysia Customer ordered the automatic conveyor sandblasting machine for their aluminium parts after CNC machining process,

Rotary Indexing Table Blasting Machine for Brake Calipers

Our UK client requires an automatic blasting machine for the brake caliper of motorcycle and other spare parts,

Automatic Multi-turntable Sandblaster for Cooking Pan

One of our clients from Turkey ordered this Automatic multiturntable sand blasting cabinet for blasting their air fryer/pan. This Automatic multiturntable sand blasting cabinet outsize is L1700*W1900*H2350mm with 12pcs automaic blasting guns. The air fryer/pan diamater is 35cm and height is 18cm. Ea

Automatic turntable sandblasting cabinet for alloy wheel

This automatic turntable sand blasting cabinet is ordered by one of our clients from Hungary. They are the wheel refurbishment workshop and apply this sandblasting machine for the wheel finishing including rust cleaning, painting removing and oxide layer stripping.They seek for efficient solution wi