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Automatic Comveyor Sandblasting Machine for Aluminium Plates

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automatic sandblasting machine

Customer Case

This automatic conveyor sandblasting machine is purchased by our customer from Malaysia for their aluminium parts after CNC machining process, in order to remove the scratches and achieve smooth surfaces. By applying the automatic blasting system they get increased efficiency and required uniform quality.

The conveyor blasting machine designed with a 600mm opening width, which allows passing 2 pieces aluminium parts of a row with width 230mm And configured with 8 pieces automatic blasting guns work at the same time, greatly improving the producivity comparing with manual blasting.

automatic sandblasting aluminium plates

How automatic conveyor blasting machine works?

In our pass through conveyor blasting machines, workparts are continuously presented to an array of pre-positioned guns, the certain quantity of suction-blast guns are bracketed to sweep parts in linear motion synchronized with continuous movement of the belt. As the parts are conveyed in and out of the blast chamber on an adjustable-speed rubber or steel mesh belt. 

Automatic conveyor sandblasting machine features

  • The speed of conveyor belt is controlled by variable frequency, whose flexibility ensure the optimal finishing result.

  • The swinging speed and angle, and distance between the blasting gun and parts can be adjusted to meet different needs.

  • Using advanced PLC control system achieves high automation and stability, low failure rate.

  • A dust removing system thoroughly collects dust leaving a clear working view and ensures the recycling of pure abrasives.

  • The automatic sand blasting machine can be equipped with many spray guns, 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, etc, as customer required.


Automatic Blast Guns


Conveyor Belt

PLC Control

Automatic Comveyor Sandblasting Machine Details

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