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Automatic Multi-turntable Sandblaster for Cooking Pan

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Automatic Sandblasting cookware

Customer Case

One of our clients from Turkey ordered this Automatic multi-turntable sandblaster for blasting their air fryer/pan, which meets their needs of batch production with consistent quality and less labor.

Customer's pan diamater is 35cm and height is 18cm. The outer dimension of the automatic sandblaster is L1700 * W1900 * H2350mm and incorporates with 12pcs blasting guns, which allows processing 120pcs of pan per hour.

This multi-turntable automatic sandblaster is an ideal appliation for round parts, like pan, cooker, bottles, allows efficient blasting of inner and outer surfaces.

sandblasting cookpot
sandblasting cookware

How multi-turntable automatic blaster works?

This automatic blaster activates through a large index turntable fitting with several evenly spaced small turntables, both rotating in 360 degree. After operators clip the parts in the small turntables, the large turntable drives and presenting them to the blasting stations, and auto guns swing and blasting to make a uniform finish.

Multi-turntable Automatic Sandblaster Features

1 The automatic blast guns can be set for fixed blasting or swinging blasting with adjustable speed and angle.

2 The quantity of small turntables, blasting guns can be tailored as requests.

3 Blasting time, blasting distance all can be adjusted to optimize finishing effect.

4. High automation and accuracy task controlled by PLC system, guarantee the balanced uniform blasting effect, as well as safe production

5. Specially fixtures can be customized for different workparts with a quick and solid clipping/

6. Equipped with Independent cyclone to separate abrasives from dust for recycling, while dusts are collected in the filter to prevents air pollution.

automatic sandblasting machine auto sandblasting machine

automatic sand blaster sandblasting machine

Automatic Multi-turntable Batch Sandblaster Details

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