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Vapor/Aqua Blasting Machine to Restore Motorcycle Engine Parts

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vapor blasting motorcycle parts

Customer Case

The Australian Customer odered the wet blasting cabinet from Kafan to restore their motorcycle engine parts, they really got excellent results with amazing efficiency. It takes only 7 minutes to remove the years of corrosion rust and grime, after the process, they looks better than new!

Why choose vapour blasting for motorcycle parts?

With vapour blasting you can clean and restore the old parts with one simple step in record time thanks to the flow based topography following nature of the wet slurry. 

More importanty, no other process compares when it comes to not only clean but protect history itself.  As dry blasting will remove precious marks and traits on engine and other components which is valuable to the restoration,  however wet blasting will simply strip the covered corrosion and grime top of these marks without damage.

What is a vapor blasting machine? How it works?

Vapor blasting, also known as wet blasting, aqua blasting or liquid honing, is the initial choice for applications requiring the highest quality of surface finish. Vapor blasting machine works by using a specially pump that agitates water and media into a slurry mixture and delivers it to the blast nozzle, while compressed air is introduced to accelerate the slurry and creates the cleaning effect. The flushing action of the water-based flow makes it cleaning and washing at the same.

Vapor Blasting Machine Configurations & Features

  • Made of 3mm thick stainless steel with powder-coated surface, rigid, anti-rust and lifelong.

  • Equipped with windscreen wiper and washer facility to maintain visibility throughout the cabinet.

  • Durable wet blasting gun with 8mm boron carbide nozzles specially for wet blasting process,

  • Reliable foot pedal controls the working of blast gun to increase operation safety.

  • A demister at the back of the vapor blaster is for better view of blasting process.

  • Can be optionally configured with a water recirculating tank interconnected to the slurry hopper for a closed loop system

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