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Automatic turntable sandblasting cabinet for alloy wheel

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automatic wheel sandblasting cabinet

Customer Case

This automatic wheel sand blasting cabinet is ordered by one of our clients from Hungary. They are the wheel refurbishment workshop and apply this sandblasting machine for the wheel finishing including rust cleaning, painting removing and oxide layer stripping.

They seek for efficient solution with less time use and less manual efforts, thus we recommended our automatic sandblasting cabinet that specially designed for wheel. It is designed with an automatic turntable and several automatic blast guns that achieves high processing efficiency.

wheel sandblast


wheel sandblasting


How the automatic sandblasting cabinet works for wheel?

Put the wheel or rim on the turntable, set blasting time, swinging speed, dust collection and other parameters, then start the machine.

As automatic guns blasting and swinging, the turntable rotates automatically at the same time, thus all surfaces and corners of the object can be cleaned. One wheel finishing blasting only requires about 10 minutes, time changes as per the wheel size.

This machine works automatically and saves the labor force from holding the blasting gun all the time, so it is very popular with clients for round or cylinder parts.

Besides, it is equiped with a certain quantity of blasting guns, so the efficiency is much higher than single gun manual type blasting cabinet.

Automatic Wheel Sandblasting Cabinet Features

  • The blasting guns can be set either manual or automatic operation to meet your various needs.

  • Heavy-duty 360 rotating turntable is ideal to load big, irregular shaped workparts, can be operated by manual or operated.

  • Blasting time can be set as required, the system will automatically stop when time arrives.

  • Configured with 4pcs automatic blast guns, each gun has 100% purity boron carbide nozzle, ensures wear-resistence and long service life.

  • Control panel at the front gives you easy access to set blasting mode as well as control the dust collector.

  • A dust removing system of the sandblasting machine effectively collects dust which creates a clear working view.

  • The used abrasives is delivered to the bottom funnel, then sucked to the blast gun for recycling of abrasive.

wheel sandblasting cabinet

Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet

alloy wheel blasting cabinet

Sandblasting Dust Collector

alloy wheel sandblasting cabinet

Alloy Wheel Blasting Cabinet

automatic sandblasting

Intelligent Control System

Automatic Wheel Sandblasting Cabinet Details

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