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Automatic Drum Sandblasting Cabinet

This drum sandblasting machine is quite ideal for processing small parts such as zipper head, screws, small hardwares, gears, saw blades and circular shafts, etc. Automatic tumbling and blasting actions ensures excellent uniformity and quality consistency.
  • KF-1080ZL



Automatic Drum Sandblasting Cabinet

The tumble sandblasting machine mounted with a drum which will holds a certain quanty of small parts for surface finishing purpose.  Batch parts will be processed entirely and evenly through automatic blasting guns and tumbling drum. Optimal surface finishes can be achieved by varying media, tumbling speed, blast duration, blasting pressures, and media flow.


How does the drum sandblasting machine work?

The simple blasting system provides easy operation. Users just load workparts into the tumbling basket, close the door, set the blasting time, turn on the dust collector and start the machine, all parts will be automatically finished, entirely and evenly. After the cycle, the parts will be directly unloaded from the discharged chute. The automatic tumble blast machine obviously improve production on quantity, quality.

Automatic Drum Sandblasting Cabinet Features

1. The drum blaster can be set automatic or manual blasting for multi purposes.

2. The size of the rotary basket, the quantity of blasting guns can be designed according to user requirements,

3. Each blast gun is individually controlled thus to select single gun or multi-gun working according to the quanlity of parts

4. The rotary basket is 360 degrees automatic rotation for entire workpiece sandblasting, rotary speed is variable frequency controlled.

5. Tumble blast system equips with an discharge chute make it simple to empty the basket

6. A high efficiency dust collector with strong vacuuming ability for effective abrasive recycling

tumble basket blaster

Automatic Drum Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications

Model KF-1080ZL
Outer Size Length1200 * Width1250 * Height1800mm
Working Chamber Size Length1000 * Width800 * Height800mm
Barrel Diameter 500mm(can be customized)
Sandblasting Gun 2 pcs with Boron Carbide Nozzle
Totating Speed  8 round/min
Barrel Motor 380V/50HZ/400W
Dust Collector Motor 380V/50HZ/550W
Air source Pressure 2-7bar(kg/cm^2)
Compressed Flow 1.5-2.0m3/min
Machine Shell Thickness 2-5mm Coated Steel Plate 
Lighting 220V 13W LED Lamp
Total Machine Power 380V/50HZ/1100W

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