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  • What is closed loop wet blasting system?

    A closed loop wet blast cabinet only requires a compressed air supply and a power source to operate. Once you add abrasive and water to the cabinet, and add water to the external tank, you recycle the water-abrasive slurry mix until you want to change it out.

  • How to choose right size air compressor for sandblasting machine?

    As we know sandblasting machine has at least a piece of blasting gun which powered by compressed air, thus for each blast gun the air consumption is 1.0CBM/Min. Sandblasting equipment manufacturered by Kafan includes dry blaster

  • What's the difference between sandblasting and shot blasting?

    1. Sandblasting is powered by compressed air with abrasives (carborundum, corundum, etc.) grinding on the surface of the workpiece, while shot blasting is powered by electrically driven high speed impellers and blasting steel shot impacting on the surface.

  • What is the pressure range(psi)of a sandblasting machine?

    Generally the pressure range of a sandblaster is 2-8 bar. Why maximum value is 8 bar? it is because the original design is 8 bar, that is, sandblasting process does not need too high air pressure, or the hose inside the equipment will burst. So we should control the inlet pressure at 8 bar maxium, n

  • A Complete Solution for Metal Finishing (Sandblasting and Powder Coating)

    Sandblasting is pretreatment process of surface coating, the blasting machine effectively removes rust, oxides, burrs or other contaminants from the workparts surfaces, creates smooth and clean surface, increase the adhesion for better powder coating.

  • What Type of Sandblasting Machine for Glass is Recommended?

    The glass sandblasting machine is specially designed for etching on the glass, With one-step molding, It is the initial and optimal choice of glass etching. The etching results by glass sandblasting machine often presents to be uniform and perfect while it is much environment-friendly than tradition

  • Safety Tips You Should Care During the Sandblasting Work.

    1, Must wear protective clothes before sandblasting work, not allowed to be in bare, operators not less than two people.2, Gas storage tank, pressure gauge, safety valve must to be regularly checked. The gas storage tank emits dust once two weeks, the filter in the abrasive funnel must be checked on

  • What abrasive media to use for sandblasting?

    Sandblasting processing range: hardware rust removal, aluminum alloy sandblasting, glass blasting (matte effect), plastic blasting (deburring), acrylic blasting (matte effect), Resin surface treatment, casting parts blasting, zinc alloy blasting (rough surface), stainless steel blasting, stone mater

  • How to choose an automatic sandblasting machine?

    Automatic sandblasting machine aims to replace manpower to increase production capacity and improve finishing quality, a good solution to creates uniform and clean surface.Automatic blasting machine is designed with various types to meet different workparts and applications. Here I introduce several

  • The effect of wet blasting comparing with dry blasting

    Compared with the dry blasting machine, the wet sandblaster is better for controlling the dust pollution during the blasting process and improving the working environment of the blasting operation. The wet blasting machine can increase the surface finish by 0.5-2.0 grade after blasting, If using dif

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