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Is cyclone necessary for a high pressure sandblast cabinet?

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As we know, the abrasive flow speed of a pressure blast cabinet is about 3.5 times of suction blaster, so it can improve the efficiency greatly. Some sandblasting operators choose it for surface treatment of hard metal part, thus the suitable abrasive to work with is steel shot, stainless steel grit, and some other abrasive which is not so tiny.

Due to bigger blasting force than suction type, the bigger size, higher density and harder abrasives are usually applied to pressure cabinet. This lead to the fact that cyclone is not so necessary, because cyclone is better application for recycling tiny abrasives.

If for some special applications, tiny and lower density abrasive has to be used. In this case, cyclone can be equipped to effectively separate the tiny abrasives and dust, which increase the utilization rate of abrasives . But even with cyclone, there will also be some more particulates flying inside the cabinet than suction type.

pressure blast cabinet

Pressure Blast Cabinet without Cyclone

pressure blast machine

Pressure Blast Cabinet with Cyclone

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