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How to change abrasives for high pressure blast cabinet?

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Pressure sandblasting machine is popular with clients for its high efficiency. It can finish sandblasting quickly and save time greatly comparing with suction type sandblaster. It can work with various abrasive for different workpiece, like steel grit, stainless steel shot, silicon sand, as well as corundum. When do blasting jobs, there may be different kinds of parts to be processed. Then it is necessary to replace abrasive from one to the another. 

How to change abrasive for high pressure blast cabinet?

Method 1

Stamp the foot switch to start the blasting machine anddisassemble the nozzle. (The speed of abrasive flow from blasting hose is accelerated without nozzle.). Place a container under the blasting hose for collecting abrasive.

Each time stepping on the foot switch, the foot switch can be suitably released until the abrasive is completely discharged.

Method 2

Open the lid of pressurized pot where is marked in the following image. Take out the remaining abrasive manually. There may be little abrasive left at the bottom of the pressure pot which is not so easy to be taken out.

Method 3

Unscrewing the bottom ball valve allows the abrasive to be recovered cleanly, but it may take some time for unscrewing the ball valve

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