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How abrasives recycle in the automatic sandblasting machine?

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The automatic blasting machines requires easy operation and free maintenance. Its usage cost is also quite low, whose main consumption is the abrasive. As we know, the automatic sandblasting systems incorporates quanities of blast guns to speed up production time and increases throughput, thus high volume of abrasives media flying in the working cabinet which should be effetively recycled to save cost otherwise it will be a great waste.

How does this abrasives recirculation occur inside the blasting system?

During blast cleaning, abrasive medias impact to the substrates surface thus generated flying dust and abrasives, through fan motor, these impure flow will be first sucked to the cyclone which placed at the top of the blast cabinet. Cyclone system aims to seperates the approximately unbroken abrasives from dust.

Through airflow and gravity, these useful abrasives will fall down to the cyclone bottom where connects with the blasting guns for continuously further supplying abrasives. Thus it forms a media recirculation. The flying dust with be finally transported via connection pipe to the filter cartridge dust collector that ensures dustless airflow vented back to workshop..

abrasive recycling

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