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  • Vibratory Finishing Machine Buying Guide
    Vibratory tumblers have an action that is similar to filing. The cutting media surrounds the parts. The eccentric, rotating weight shakes the tub in a circular path during which the entire load is lifted up at an angle and then dropped. As the load is falling (but not actually airborne) the tub retu
  • How to mirror polishing aluminum workparts?
    Step 1Using vibratory tumbler bowl,
  • Vibratory Tumbling Media Selection Guide
    Vibratory finishing achieves rough or precision treatment for parts processing, such as removing unwanted burrs, smoothing sharp edges, creating bright and new surfaces, while the tumbling media acts a vital role to attain those purposes
  • How to polish small metal parts effectively
    Vibratory polishing machine have a high performance motor with eccentric weght that shakes the bowl in a circular path, making entire load constantly rotating and tumbling, in which condition the parts and media rub against each other to reach the purpose of surface finishing
  • How to choose a mass finishing machine?
    How to choose vibration grinding machine? In surface treatment, vibratory finishing machine, roller finishing machine, centrifugal grinding machine, vortex finishing machine, in which vibratory finishing machine and roller finishing machine are most widely used. Vibratory polishing machine is easy t
  • How to polish a knife?
    Three kinds of finishing medias you need:High-frequency porcelain 2.5*8, High-alumina porcelain: 6mm; Brown aluminum oxide ball: 6mmChemical Compounds:Two bottles of brightener, one bottle detergentKnife Polishing Procedures:Conditions 1:If the knife is smooth and clean, means without burrs and oxid
  • How does centrifugal barrel finisher work?
    The centrifugal barrel finishing system is mounted with several tumbling barrels into a drum, like a ferris wheel. Each barrel is filled with workparts, finishing medias and compounds, approximately 50%-80% full of the container. The entire drum system revolves while each barrel rotates itself simu
  • Centrifugal Barrel Finishing VS Vibratory Finishing
    Centrifugal barrel tumbling provides extremely intensive processing, which tends to attack sharp edges, remove heavy burrs and round off corners more effectively than other mass finishing methods. By powerful centrifugal force, the tumbling machine creates safe surfaces, such as casting parts, stamp
  • Why choose a vibratory finishing machine? What’s the advantage?
    Why choose a vibratory finishing machine? What's the advantage?Vibratory finishing machine, features round bowl shape, also called vibratory finishing bowl. It is a kind of mass finishing equipment, allows large quantities of small to medium sized parts to accept surface finishing, such as polishing
  • How to choose mass polishing media?
    Rough polishing abrasive (deburring, scale, rust, chamfer, etc.)ModelPictureParametersBrown Aluminum Oxide different size & shape of media suit for the variety applications like Ball, Triangle, Oblique shape and so on. 5mm & bigger than 5mmIf the size less than 5mm the price will be different re


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