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How to choose a mass finishing machine?

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In surface treatment industry, vibratory finishing machine, barrel finishing machine, centrifugal polishing machine, centrifugal disc finishing machine are most widely used. 

Vibratory polishing machine is easy to operate, suitable for batch processing all kinds of parts in small, medium and large sizes. vibratory finishing provdes gentle grinding, ideal for precision polishing.

Barrel polishing machine is an economic solution, workparts and medias in a closed barrel rotate horizontally in low speed. Commonly it is used for processing small size and thin parts, especially for large flat parts parts which are easy to overlap when in a vibratory finisher, so they are more suitable for barrel finishing machine; 

Centrifugal finishing machine is actually a high-speed barrel polishing machine, which contains four or two in to a drum, each barrel rotates itself while the whole drum system make revolution. Centrifugal finishing machine has larger cutting force and creates great polishing effect., often used for hard processing which can not be achieved by vibration polishing machine and barrel polishing machine.

The centrifugal disc polishing machine is also a high-speed polishing machine. The rotating disc forms strong conflict movement, suitable for chamfering, deburring, polishing of small parts

Mass Finishing Machine Application

Bicycle, aluminum die-casting, zinc die-casting, furniture hardware, clothing hardware, luggage hardware, glasses accessories, watch accessories, locks, electronic accessories, all kinds of jewelry, resin; For processing stainless steel, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, magnesium alloy and other raw materials after stamping, die casting, casting. Or wire, ceramics, jade, coral, synthetic resin, plastic, porcelain and other raw materials get surface polishing, chamfering, removal of burr, rust, rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing.

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