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How to polish small metal parts effectively

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Vibratory polishing machine have a high performance motor with eccentric weght that shakes the bowl in a circular path, making entire load constantly rotating and tumbling, in which condition the parts and media rub against each other. Their interaction meet the requirements of mass finishing, polishing, deburring, descaling, radiusing, etc The Vibratory tumbler is the most economical and simple mass finishing machine to achieve these purpose you want. 

Advantages of Vibratory Polishing Machine

 1) Due to the actions of entire load, the vibratory finisher can operate sensitive and fragile parts without any damages. 

 2) The tumbling actions between parts and medias overcome the difficulty to touch awkward corners for overall and thorough finish. 

 3) Versatile model, fit for a wide range of parts like metal, plastic, ceramic, and medias like corundum, steel ball, resin, etc. 

 4) Replace manual operating, the vibratory polisher greatly improves efficiency and provides equal grinding forces on work parts that ensures quality consistency. 

 5) Vibratory polisher will not destroy the original shape and dimensional accuracy of parts, with the superiority to operating small tolerances and high precision parts. 

The vibratory polishing machine can be used for all kinds of materials: Metal(stainless steel, iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, alloy), plastic, ceramic, porcelain stone, glass, jade, coral, synthetic resin, wood and rubber products Widely for industrial products such as stampings, forgings, castings, heat treatment parts, bicycle parts, aerospace components, furniture hardware, clothing hardware, luggage hardware, glasses accessories, watches and locks accessories, electronic accessories, all kinds of jewelry and decorative products;

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