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How does centrifugal barrel finisher work?

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The centrifugal barrel finishing system is mounted with several tumbling barrels into a drum, like a ferris wheel. Each barrel is filled with workparts, finishing medias and compounds, approximately 50%-80% full of the container. The entire drum system revolves while each barrel rotates itself simultaneously, which produces centrifugal forces on media and parts making them rub and contact each other. 


Such centrifugal force is extremely powerful thus it could remove sharp edges, heavy burrs, thick coatings and rust which vibratory or rotary finishing can not reach. Centrifugal barrel tumbler complete deburring, polishing, rediusing, cleaning process in fast time and superior effect.

centrifugal barrel finishing machine

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine Application

Applicable for batch processing of metal and non-metal parts, etc. Such as apparel accessories, glasses accessories, watch and clock accessories, electronic accessories, hardware, machiney accessories in different shapes and hardness.

centrifugal barrel finishing

We supply different capacities of centrifugal barrel tumbler 15L, 30L, 40L, 60L, 80L

Model Capacity Motor Power Speed Inner Lining Weight Size(L*W*H)
CL-15 2*7.5L 1.1kw 185r/min 5-8mm 200kg 850*880*980mm
CL-30 4*7.5L 1.5kw 185r/min 5-8mm 350kg 970*990*1175mm
CL-40 4*10L 2.2kw 165r/min 6-10mm 800kg 1100*1000*1400mm
CL-60 4*15L 5.5kw 165r/min 8-12mm 1000kg 1150*1100*1700
CL-80 4*20L 5.5kw 145r/min 8-12mm 1200kg


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