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Why it is necessary to sandblast before powder coating?

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Sandblasting is one of the most important steps you can take when powder coating metal parts. It's an necessary part of pretreatment before powder coating, using it properly can greatly improve the quality of your powder coating and the protection of your metal parts.

Why metal parts should be pretreated before powder coating?

In oder to get a clean and smooth surface ensures your new coat effectively sticks to the metal surface, proper powder coating preparation requires metal surfaces to be entirely clear of any finish:

1. Removing contaminants, such as rust, dust, burrs, grease

2. Stripping away the old powder coat or wet paint layers,

Additionally, when you don't take the time to clean a metal surface with sandblasting, it's much more likely that your powder coat will suffer from peeling, bubbling and cracking from poor adhesion. Not using sandblasting can also result in the powder coating having a reduced life span. If you want your powder coating to last a long time and provide a smooth outer surface, you should use sandblasting.

Advantages of Sandblasting for powder coating pretreatment

  • Fast cleaning: It is able to quickly clean surfaces before powder coating. Since you're shooting tiny particles at high speeds onto the metal surface, you can quickly clear off unwanted materials. One of the most obvious benefits of sandblasting is how it effectively removes even the toughest contaminants from a metal surface. Compared to manually scrubbing or sanding these contaminants off, it's a much more time-effective process.

  • Greater bonding on the metal surface: It's also important to sandblast metal parts because the process leaves minuscule scratches on the surface. These tiny scratches make it easier for powder coats to bond with and sink into the surface. With an easier bonding process, your powder coating will look much more even and uniform on the metal's surface. Additionally, you'll see greater powder coating adhesion over a longer period.

  • More effective for angles and curves: Most metal parts will have curves and angles, Sandblasting makes it much easier for people to smooth out the surface of a metal part and remove contaminants from hard to reach areas. This more efficient method saves you time and produces smoother coats.

  • Longer life span for powder coating: Sandblasting is also critical as it helps improve the powder coating's life span. Since sandblasting removes contaminants that could cause peeling, bubbling and cracking, you can safely apply the powder coat to the surface. As a result, your powder coat will stick to your metal part for a longer time, reducing the frequency of needing replacement coats.

  • Exceptional reusability: Since sandblasting doesn't do any structural damage to a metal part, you can reuse it as much as you like. Every time your metal part needs a fresh powder coating, you can use sandblasting to remove the old coat and any contaminants that might be on the surface. When you can sandblast your metal surfaces any time you want, you can better protect them over the long term, making sandblasting technology and services a worthwhile investment.

  • Economical & Evironmental-friendly: Unlike chemical washing or dipping cleaning process, the sandblasting just requires a sandblaster and blasting media, which does not need to deal with the waste liquid, featuring cost-saving more environmental-friendly.

Choose a Right Sandblasting machine for Powder Coating

  1. Suction Blast Machine, for basic light blast cleaning

  2. Pressure Blast Machine, for tough cleaning jobs, remove heavy layers.

  3. Wet Blast Machine, dustless process, get a gentle and fine finish.

  4. Automatic Sandblasting Machine, high volume production requirements

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