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How to choose right sandblasting nozzles?

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As a quick-wear part of sandblasting machine, blasting nozzles need to be replaced regularly, that is because the wearing of nozzle mouth causes low processing accuracy.

Based on texture materials, the sandblasting nozzles can be classified into ceramic nozzle, tungsten steel nozzle, silicon carbide nozzle, boron carbide nozzle, etc. 

Boron carbide is a kind of durable material, whose nozzle services 5 times longer than tungsten steel nozzle, therefore the price is relatively higher. Existing composite boron carbide nozzles in the market that admix tungsten steel powder or silicon carbide powder to shorten the life. It is to be assured that we supply boron carbide nozzles with 100% purity for sandblaster customers.

Direct-jet sandblasting nozzles with different Length and inner bore produce diverse effect. 

Based on same inner bore:

Short nozzles blast abrasives with bigger volume and larger area, while longer nozzle gives more powerful blasting force.

Based on same length, blasting nozzle with smaller inner core features more durable whose blasting volume is relatively low.

From the aspect of blast cleaning, longer nozzle cleans dead corner more easily than short nozzle

Client should consider with their own sandblasting requirements to choose right nozzle.

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