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Siphon Blaster VS Pressure Blaster, which do I choose?

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Siphon blaster and pressure blaster are two universal types of sand blasting machine existing on the market. The two types have some distinct differences in the operation, application.

Blast Machine Working Principle:

Siphon Type - With the compressed air flowing in the blasting gun, the siphon action will create a negative-pressurized environment that sucks the abrasive and delivers to the blast gun nozzle through the hose, which attains the purpose of abrasive blasting on the parts' surface. For thesuction blaster, the compressed air is the power source of both abrasive supply and speed accelerate.


Pressure Type - The direct pressure blaster is specially designed with a pressurized pot containing compressed air, which will pneumatically push the media to the nozzles through a media outlet valve, then blast them onto the target. As the abrasive is pushed, not sucked, it is conveyed more powerfully and quickly, also produce much aggressive impact to the surface. Users

Siphon Blast Cabinet Features

1. Suitable for light blasting job, general-purpose cleaning,  In a suction blast cabinet, the blast media pushes at a lighter pressure and speed, it is difficult to strip heavy residue or coatings from a surface

2. It is an budget saving choice for a wide application, If budget is a concern, a siphon blast cabinet may be a better choice than a direct pressure cabinet.

3. A siphon blast cabinet has less air consumption than a pressure blast cabinet with the same size blast nozzle.

4. Because direct pressure blasting with more force, the erosion of your blast nozzle, cabinet, and other wearing parts is much faster, on the contrary, the siphon blaster requires less maintenance.

5. Can be applicable for common metal and non-metal parts, hardware, small accessories.

siphon blast cabinet.jpg

Pressure Blast Machine Features

1: The aggressive force produced by pressure blaster enables to operate hard materials and does deep blasting.

2. The pressure blast machine is perfect for removing heavy coatings and contaminants, while not can be achieved by siphon blaster.

3: The pressure blaster push the abrasive 3-4 times faster than siphon type, greatly increase the efficiency to do the blasting job, enhance the productivity.

3. Can use heavy abrasives to operating a certain range of products. Heavy metallic blast media, like steel ball grit can be easily used in a pressure blast cabinet.

4. Bigger expense than siphon blaster,  Direct pressure cabinets require a few extra components than suction blast cabinets. more maintenance fees.

5. Meet some particular needs, such as blastimg marbles, granites, stones, alloy wheels. etc.

pressure blast cabinet.jpg

Wide Application of Industrial Sand Blast Cabinet

1. Pretreatment of electroplating, paint spraying, coating, etc. to completely clean the surface and improve the adhesion and anti-corrosion ability.

2. Cleaning the mill scale/residues/dirt of casting/pressing /welding/heat treatment work piece, cleaning the surface of non-metal items, cleaning the black spots on the ceramic embryo surface, restoring paint grain pattern, etc.

3. Refurnishing sports part of car, motorcycle, electromechanical device, etc., eliminating fatigue stress and extending working life.

4. Removing surface marks of metal/non-metal items, dumb face and fog treatment processing to enhance the product grade.

5. Dumb face and fog treatment of mould, text composition, mould cleaning without damage to the mould.

6. Removing the tiny burrs of mechanical parts and injection plastic parts.

7. Removing unqualified covering,color and printing of products.

8. Enhancing the surface hardness of metal work piece and eliminating stress, such as processing plane vane, spring, machining knife, weapons etc.

9. Carving patterns/words and slip resistance treatment on the surface of metal and non-metal items, such as marble, handle anti-skid, stamping, stele lettering, etc.

10. Sandblasting/white mark/cat's whisker effect treatment of jeans wear.

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