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How to choose right size air compressor for sandblasting machine?

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To choose an compressor with appropriate size for sandblasting machine, there are some factors that influence your decision.

1)Type of Sandblaster.

As we know sandblasting machine has at least one piece of blasting gun which powered by compressed air, and the air consumption varies from different types of blaster.  For normal suction sandblast cabinet (including dry or wet models), the air consumption of each blast gun is 1.0CBM/Min. For pressure sand blast cabinet, the air consumption of each blast gun is 2.0CBM/Min. while the blast gun of portable sandblasting pot comsumes 4.0CBM/Min of compressed air. 

Based on consuming1.0CBM compressed air per minute under 8kg expiration pressure, an air compressor requires 7.5kw electric power to generates the 1.0CBM air. On the premise of only equipping ONE piece blast gun of a sandblasting machine, thus normal suction model requires a 7.5kw compressor, pressure blast cabinet requires 15kw compressor, blasting pot requires 30kw compressor.

2) Quantity of Blasting Gun

For special models or requirements, the sandblaster may have 1, 2 or more blast guns for working, such as the tumble basket blaster, our standard configuration is 2pcs guns for a set, customers may need 4pcs or 6pcs for their applications, moreover, conveyor type automatic sandblasting machine often installed with 8pcs, 16pcs, or even more quantities of blast gun.  That means they need more powerful air compressors. 

As we mensioned 1pc suction blast gun requires 7.5kw power, thus for example, a standard tumble blast machine (2pcs gun) requires a 2x7.5=15kw compressor, a customized tumble blaster(4pcs) requires about 4x7.5=30kw compresor.  One caution,  when there are many blast guns in a blaster, we can adequately reduce the comsumed power, for example, a blaster with 8pcs guns will need a compressor whose power reduce to 55kw. 

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