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Dry Sandblasting VS Wet Sandblasting

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Dry Sandblasting VS Wet Sandblating

Wet blasting and dry blasting are both media cleaning methods that propels small abrasive particles on a surface at a certain velocity to strip away rust, oxide layers, defects, contaminants, or old paintings from a substrate.

Dry sandblasting blasts only dry abrasives to the surface of workpiece with the help of compressed air power. The blasted abrasives will impact and grind with the surface in which way remove unwanted materials. 

Wet blasting features is a technology that involves the blasting of abrasive mixed with pressurized water to the surface of workparts, the mix is called "slurry". The abrasive blasting removes the surface material while water washing them away, thus it is a process that has two uses: finishing and rinsing.

Wet Blasting Advantages

1) Dustfree. The introduce of water reduces the amount of dust produced by the abrasive blasting which is the key advantage of wet blasting. It protects the operation workers, and dust sensitive plant from fine particulates and is particularly in open environments.

2) Even Finish, More consistent surface finishes over a larger area due to the flow based nature of the wet blast. Because water spreads around when it hits the surface you're finishing it hits the surface more evenly. 

3) Cleaning. By wet abrasive blasting, you can strip the surface and clean it at the same time. This negates the need for a separate rinsing process to prevents media impregnation.

4) Wet abrasive blasting is able to use very fine media to operate parts who requires high accuracy of the surface, such as medical implants and aircraft part,

5) Eliminates the wear to the blasting cabinet and components and reduce maintenance cost. Decrease media breakdown rates, enhance media recycling rate.

6) Coating or painting operations performed after wet blasting are much better than after dry blasting based on the level of cleanliness.

Dry Sandblasting Advantages; 

1) Efficient. Dry blasting is extremely effective to remove away rust, old coatings, and other unwanted layers from metal surfaces as dry abrasive grinding causes higher cutting force.

2) Lower cost. A simple structured dry blaster is obvisouly cheaper than a water-involved wet blaster. What's more it does not require the disposal of water and wet waste.  If you do not have special requirements, the dry sandblaster can meet most blasting applications and performs good effect. 

3) Versatility. Dry blasting projects requires less equipment and preparation, and can be built in a wider range of locations. 

Difference Between Dry Blast Cabinet and Wet Blast Cabinet

1. Wet blast cabinet blasts water and abrasive mixture, while dry blast cabinet only blasts dry abrasives.

2. Wet blast machine has a specially designed slurry pump agitating abrasive and water mixture.

3. Wet sandblaster machine body is made of stainless steel to avoid rust, while dry blaster is made of steel sheet with coated surface.

4. The blast gun for the wet sand blasting machine has big output

5. Dry sandblasting machine is often equipped with necessary dust collector to make the chamber clear and clean, while wet blaster itself is a dustless blaster.

6. Wet blast cabinet is built with extra windon washer and wiper due to the involving of water, and optional a demister to increase visibility

wet blasting cabinet
Wet Blasting Cabinet
dry blasting cabinet
Dry Blasting Cabinet

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