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Dry Sandblasting VS Wet Sandblasting

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Dry Sandblast Machine Working:

Dry sandblast machine blasts dry abrasive to the surface of workpiece with the help of compressed air power. The blasted abrasives will impact and grind the parts’ surface, in which way remove the impurities, rust, oxide layer and other contaminants, results in a smooth and clean surface for subsequent procedure.

Wet Sandblast Machine Working:

Wet abrasive blasting features the ability to blast media and water mixture to the product, reach the purpose of rust removing, cleaning, deburring and surface pretreatment. An innovative wet blasting machine use the slurry pump to agitate the mixture, by a flow of compressed air to raise the slurry via a siphoning action and then blast it to the specially designed gun nozzle

Structure Difference Between Dry Blaster and Wet Blaster

1. Wet blast cabinet blasts water and abrasive mixture, while dry blast cabinet only blasts dry abrasives.

2. Wet blast machine has a specially designed slurry pump agitating abrasive and water mixture.

3. Wet sandblaster machine body is made of stainless steel to avoid rust, while dry blaster is made of steel sheet with coated surface.

4. The blast gun for the wet sand blasting machine has big output

5. Dry sandblaster is often equipped with necessary dust collector to make the chamber clear and clean, while wet blaster itself is a dustless blaster.

Advantages of Wet Blasting Equipment 

With water’s buffering and washing actions, the wet blasting equipment has a variety of advantages,

1. Creates dustless space, will be suitable for some stone material. Clean for the product surface, clear for the working cabinet.

2. Wet abrasive blasting is able to use very fine media to operate parts who requires high accuracy of the surface, such as medical implants and aircraft part,

3. Use ultra fine abrasives to blasting some decorated parts who needs delicate surface.

4. Decrease media breakdown rates, enhance media recycling rate.

5. Wet blasting prevents dust and abrasive from sticking to the surface.

6. Eliminates the wear to the blasting cabinet and components and reduce maintenance cost.

7. Coating or painting operations performed after wet blasting are much better than after dry blasting based on the level of cleanliness.

8. Water and abrasive blasting decrease the friction heat to prevent color different on some metal surfaces.

Dry Sandblasting equipment advantages; 

Obviously dry blasting equipment has lower cost than a wet blaster. If you do not have special requirements, the dry sandblaster can meet most blasting applications and performs good effect. Processing by sandblasting cabinet can greatly improve the surface cleaning and reduce much manual effort. Corners or other awkward places can be easily reached and cleaned by sandblasting machine. Various options of blasting abrasive is available, such as: glass beads, white corundum, steel ball, brown aluminum oxide, ceramic sand, etc.


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