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How to choose mass polishing media?

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Rough polishing abrasive (deburring, scale, rust, chamfer, etc.)




Brown Aluminum Oxide

different size & shape of media suit for the variety applications like Ball, Triangle, Oblique shape and so on. 5mm & bigger than 5mm

If the size less than 5mm the price will be different


The Resin polish media is main used for polishing of plastic products as PC & TR90 sunglasses frame, and also for some soft metal parts.And we have different size & shape of media suit for the variety applications.

Plastic media produces a softer surface finishing action.

Semi-fine polishing material (coarse polishing material and fine polishing abrasive function, for customers who require less polished)


It is suitable for lifting the surface brightness of stainless steel, zinc alloy and other metal parts. For vibration polishing machine, Centrifugal disc polishing machine, Centrifugal barrel machine  5mm & bigger than 5mm

Ceramic (Sphere, Oblique Triangle, Oblique Cylinder) (Focus on Deburring)

4mm size

High-alumina porcelain

Ceramic-Ceramic mass finishing media can be used for processes varying from heavy grinding applications to fine polishing processes. 5mm & bigger than 5mm

High aluminum porcelain (ball, oblique triangle, oblique cylinder) 5mm and above . (Focus on precision polishing)

                           Fine Vibratory Tumbling Media

high-frequency porcelain

High at elevated temperatures 
High dielectric strength 
Excellent electrical resistance 
Abrasion resistance

Price will be little different based on the sizes differences

Stainless steel ball

The size above 5mm ,if smaller the prices will higher

Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel  media to produce a burr-free bright smooth surface.

Steel Satellite

Steel media are used for burnishing processes.

They can give an extremely high polished surfaces to most metal componets in very short process periods. Often, mirror-like finishes on components can be achieved.

Zirconia Precision Beads

Perfect grinding media with good flatness,smooth surface,

bright,high density and highstrength

Size from 2mm to 15mm

Mass finishing operations have many factors.  Mass finishing can be used to clean, burnish or color parts.  Each application requires different media and compounds.  Ceramic media is available in a number of sizes and compositions. Ceramic media can be used in a variety of delicate or aggressive applications including burnishing, radiusing, polishing, cutting, deflashing and deburring.

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