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How to mirror polishing aluminum workparts?

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Step 1

Using Vibratory Tumbler Bowl 

Application: Removing burrs, scales, rust, dirts from aluminum, create a smooth, clean surfaces for subsequent procedures.

Working Principle: Vibratory tumbler have a vibration motor that shakes the bowl in a circular path, making entire load constantly rotating and tumbling, in which condition the parts and media rub against each other to removes the unwanted materials. Tumbling bowl features more gentle grinding and allows loading large quantities of workparts.

vibratory tumbler bowl

Step 2

Using Barrel Finishing Machine 

Application: Precision polishing to get mirror effect of aluminum parts

Working principle: The operator fills the barrel with media, parts and water, roughly 50-90% full. During operation the entire drum rotates, the media and parts rub against one another randomly and repeatedly. Barrel polishing tumbler creates centrifugal force that is stronger enough to obtain mirror polishing effect.

barrel polishing machine for aluminum

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