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60L Industrial vibratory tumbler Bowl, Vibratory Bowl for Surface Finishing

The vibratory tumbler bowl is the most economical and simple mass finishing machine, widely used among worlwide customers, suitable for large quantities of small to medium sized parts, deburring, burnishing, cleaning, descaling, etc.

  • CL-60A
  • Kafan
  • vibratory tumbler bowl

60L Industrial Vibratory Tumbler Bowl

In the vibratory tumbler bowl, workpieces, finishing media, chemical compounds achieves sustained movement by the vibratory driven system, resulting in an entire and througout contact. Their interaction meet the requirements of mass finishing, polishing, deburring, descaling, radiusing, etc

The vibratory tumbling machine has heavy-duty vibratory motor for stable and forceful running, ensures effective and quality mass finishing, even irregular shaped parts or hard to reach corners.  The inner wall of the tumbler is wear resistant polyurethane lining which reduces the friction between the parts and bowl, extends bowl life, avoids the damage to the media, and hardly cause noise.

vibratory tumbler bowl

Vibratory Tumbler Bowl Advantages

1. Vibratory tumbler bowl reduce labor cost, results in more uniform and more splendid effect while manual work can not do it.

2. Suitable for processing large quantities of small to medium parts, does edge cutting, surface smoothing, deburring, rust-removing

3. The industrial vibratory tumbler bowl improves working efficiency 6-10 times comparing with manual operation.

4. Vibratory tumbling process does not destroy the original accuracy of the parts, delivers effective job and consistent quality assurance.

5. Round bowl vibratory tumbling machine allows random inspecation during the polishing or deburring process

Vibratory Tumbler Bowl Specifications

Model Capacity Motor Power Speed Amplitude Rubber Machine Weight Size
kw (r/min) (mm) lining(mm) kg L*W*H(mm)
CL-40(A) 40 0.55 1450 0.8-3 6-12 50 600*500*600
CL-60(A) 60 0.75-1.1 1450 0.8-3 6-12 100 700*640*700
CL-80(A) 80 1.1 1450 0.8-3 6-12 110 840*640*740
CL-95(A) 95 1.1 1450 0.8-3 6-12 120 860*800*750
CL-150(A) 150 2.2-3.0 1450 0.8-4 6-15 240 1150*1050*900
CL-250(A) 150 3 1450 0.8-6 6-20 280 1150*1100*900
CL-350(A) 350 5.5 1450 0.8-6 6-20 450 1450*1350*1050
CL-450(A) 450 5.5 1450 0.8-6 6-20 530 1550*1430*1050
CL-650(A) 650 7.5 1450 0.8-8 6-20 1250 1900*1850*1300

We promise 1 year warranty for any quality problem of the vibratory tumbler bowl. Before delivery, each equipment is strictly tested and well packed in wooden case for sea shipping. Any operation or techinical problem contact our 24h-online sales. We offer regular maintenance knowledge and product updating news. Customers' satisfatory and trust is our endless goal.

Kafan - Professional Manufacturer of Industrial Vibratory Tumbler

We supply industrial vibratory tumbler in a variety of styles and specifications to meet your precise demands, capacity from 15L to 650L for any scale production. Large volume vibratory tumbler can be designed with sperating section for automatic loading. Optional protective cover type vibratory tumbler is more user-friendly, a frequency adjustable vibratory tumble to optimize finishing results while operating different workparts.

Mass Finishing Vibratory Tumbler Bowl Application

  • The vibratory bowl finishing machine can be used for a variety of applications: deburring, descaling, rounding of corners, cleaning, polishing, smoothing, general surface improvement.  

  • For mass production of small to medium sized products, the polishing machine supports all kinds of materials: metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, glass, wood and rubber products

  • Mainly used in bicycles parts, aerospace components, heat treated parts, aluminum die casting parts, zinc die casting parts, furniture hardware accessories, clothing hardware accessories, luggage hardware accessories, glasses accessories, watches and clocks accessories, electronic accessories, all kinds of jewelry and decoration products

vibratory polishing  vibratory finishing vibratory mass polishing vibratory deburring vibratory tumbling

kafan blasting equipment

Located in Hangzhou, China, we we own a manufacturing base of 3600 square meter, around 100 employees and 24 sets production equipment, dividing into technical department, sales department, after-sale department, production department, QC department, manage and finance department, etc. As a fast growing company in supplying sandblasting equipment and mass finishing equipment, we devoted all ourselves to offering solution for any surface finishing problems.    

Our products can be divided into two main parts, sandblasting equipment and mass finishing machines.

Sandblasting equipment including: manual sandblasting machine, suction sand blast cabinet, pressure blasting machine, wet abrasive blasting equipment, portable blaster pot, automatic conveyor blast system, tumbler blaster, rotary table blast machine, crawl blast machine.

Mass finishing system including: vibratory polishing & deburring bowl,  vibratory bowl with separatorcentrifugal barrel tumbling machinecentrifugal disc finishing systemmass finishing media.
We offer service: Standard Production Models, Customized Design, Before-order Technical Support, Engineer Oversea Installing & Training, Free Sample Testing, 24 hour On-line Consulting, ODM, OEM.

Welcome contact us for surface finishing solution! 

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