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Vibratory Finishing Machine with Sound Lid

The vibratory finishing machine is specially designed with sound cover which can isolate the sound and prevent splash of compouds or medias. It is an optinal design to increase safety and quietness.
  • KF-250AB

  • Kafan


Vibratory Finishing Machine with Sound Lid

The vibratory finishing machine with enclosure cover can isolate the sound caused by vibratory, also prevent any splash of compouds or medias. It is an humanized and reliable design to ensure safety and health. 

Driven by a vibration motor, the mixture of polishing media and compounds constantly contacts the part's surface, their mutual friction attain the purpose of deburring and polishing. 

Vibratory Finishing Machine

Features of Vibratory Finishing Machine

  • The lid of the finishing bowl is designed for automatic lifing to facilitate operation and reduce fatigue.

  • 3 phase high performance vibration motor cause stronger grinding force on parts and ensure deep polishing 

  • Heavy-duty bowl with wear resistant polyurethane lining avoid damage to parts as well as extend its lifespan. 

  • Variable speed control and amplitude adjustable function meet the demands to operating different kinds parts. 

  • With cover the vibratory tumbler bowl isolates the noise and prevents the splash of liquid and medias.

  • We supply full capacity of vibratory tumbler from 40L to 650L, each can be added with an optional cover.

Model Capacity Motor Power Speed Amplitude Rubber Weight Size
kw (r/min) (mm) lining(mm) kg L*W*H(mm)
KF-150(AB) 150 2.2-3.0 1450 0.8-4 6-15 290 1150*1100*900
KF-250(AB) 250 3 1450 0.8-6 6-20 350 1150*1100*900
KF-350(AB) 350 5.5 1450 0.8-7 6-20 480 1450*1350*1050
KF-450(AB) 450 5.5 1450 0.8-7 6-20 580 1600*1430*1050
KF-650(AB) 650 7.5 1450 0.8-8 6-20 1250 2000*1850*1300

Why choose vibratory tumbler finishing machines?

1.Cost-effective, most widely used mass finishing products, accepted by customers over the world. 

2.Labor-saving, batch production of parts, replace manpower to enhance working efficiency 6-10 times 

3.Uniform result, vibratory polisher get over the difficulty of  discrepancy results operated by manual 

4.Versatile model, this polishing machine can match with each kinds of metal, plastic or ceramic products. 

5.Splendid effect, not only for irregular-shaped parts, but also supported for sensitive and dedicated parts.

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