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95L Vibratory Polisher Machine, Tumbler Polishing Bowl

95L vibratory polisher bowl is an economical choice for mass finishing of small parts, such as deburring metal and plastic parts; polishing brass, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic; rediusing and chamfering industry parts, etc.
  • KF-95A

  • Kafan


95L Vibratory Polisher Machine, Tumbler Polishing Bowl

Vibratory tumbler polishers use the friction principle through vibration to rub the media against the parts that creates the desired result, as well as employ chemical compound or agent to lubricate, clean and facilitate this process. Such processing reaches the purpose of removing edges and burrs, cleaning rust and dirt, or polishing to get bright surface, all finishes can be achieved with using different media.

95L Vibratory Polisher Machine

Vibratory Polisher Machine Standard Configurations

  • Full PU lining chamber, minimize the impact to parts and media, also extends bowl life.

  • Round open bowl design allows random inspection during polishing and deburring machine,

  • Heavy-duty bowl base, iron casting body with coated surface, sturdy and durable

  • With Discharging chute for to easily empty medias and compounds.

  • 3 Phase vibration motor provides sufficient grinding force, makes entire and thorough finish.

  • Hot-selling 95L capacity meets most productivity, mass finishing to small to medium sized parts.

Vibratory Polisher Tumbler
vibratory polishing

Vibratory Polisher Machine Advanced Configurations

vibratory polishing machine

1) Fit an internal parts separation device achieves 100% parts discharging without additional labor efforts.  During processing cycle, media falls back to the container through the holes of the screen separator and the parts automatically discharged from the tumbler. This is an excellent feature especially for large volume tumblers.

2) Custom an electric controller to realize speed and amplitube adjustable of the vibratory motor,  in order to get precise finish for different finishing purpose, thus each kinds of workparts will obtain optimal results.


Vibratory Polisher Machine Advantages

Vibratory polisher tumbler is widely used in metal or non-metal finishing industry with the superiority to operating small tolerances and high precision parts. As the load in the tumbler moves as a unit, it is safe for fragile parts without any tearing or distorting actions, even better, it gives thorough touch in corners and holes and creates perfect surfaces for irregular objects. Deburring tumblers release manpower and ensure quality consistency as each parts will get equal cutting force 

KF-95A Vibratory Polisher Machine Specifications

Model KF-95A
Voltage 230V/380V/440V,  50Hz/60Hz, 3 Phase
Motor Power: 1.1kw
Capacity: 95L
Size: 860*800*750L
Speed: 1450 r/min
Estimated weight: 120kgs
Standard Configuration All PU lining 
Steel base/stand
Optional Items

Media Separator

Sound Enclosures

Variable Frequency

Time control

Vibratory Polisher Machine Application

  • The vibratory parts tumbler can be used for a variety of applications: deburring, descaling, rounding of corners, cleaning, polishing, smoothing, general surface improvement.  

  • For mass production of small to medium sized products, the deburring machine supports all kinds of materials: metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, glass, wood and rubber products

  • Mainly used in machinery parts, bicycles parts, aerospace components, heat treated parts, aluminum die casting parts, zinc die casting parts, furniture hardware accessories, clothing hardware accessories, luggage hardware accessories, glasses accessories, watches and clocks accessories, electronic accessories, all kinds of jewelry and decoration products.

vibratory polishing finishing

Kafan Series Vibratory Polisher Machine Specifications

Motor PowerSpeedAmplitudeRubber Lining



kafan blasting equipment

Located in Hangzhou, China, we we own a manufacturing base of 3600 square meter, around 100 employees and 24 sets production equipment, dividing into technical department, sales department, after-sale department, production department, QC department, manage and finance department, etc. As a fast growing company in supplying sandblasting equipment and mass finishing equipment, we devoted all ourselves to offering solution for any surface finishing problems.    

Our products can be divided into two main parts, sandblasting equipment and mass finishing machines.

Sandblasting equipment including: manual sandblasting machine, suction sand blast cabinet, pressure blasting machine, wet abrasive blasting equipment, portable blaster pot, automatic conveyor blast system, tumbler blaster, rotary table blast machine, crawl blast machine.

Mass finishing system including: vibratory polishing & deburring bowl,  vibratory bowl with separatorcentrifugal barrel tumbling machinecentrifugal disc finishing systemmass finishing media.
We offer service: Standard Production Models, Customized Design, Before-order Technical Support, Engineer Oversea Installing & Training, Free Sample Testing, 24 hour On-line Consulting, ODM, OEM.

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