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Centrifugal Barrel Finishing VS Vibratory Finishing

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Pros & Cons of Centrifugal Barrel Finisher

Centrifugal barrel tumbling provides extremely intensive processing, which tends to attack sharp edges, remove heavy burrs and round off corners more effectively than other mass finishing methods. By powerful centrifugal force, the tumbling machine creates safe surfaces, such as casting parts, stamping parts and other industrial accessories.

An obvious weakness for the centrifugal barrel finisher is that it does not penetrate into recesses and corners well, so it is not ideal for preparing complex parts.

This process requires manual loading and unloading as well as parts and media separation. Typically centrifugal barrel tumbling demands more operator involvement than other mass finishing processes.

centrifugal barrel polishing machine

Why choose a vibratory finisher?

As centrifugal barrel finisher stand up to heavy cutting, some light and delicate jobs are committed to vibratory finisher, since the load is moving as a whole unit, very fragile parts are quite safe in the vibratory bowl. There is no tearing action and unequal forces tend to bend and distort parts. 

Vibratory finishing machine is widely and ideally used to mass finish jewelries, decorative parts, hardware whether tough deburring or fine polishing.

Another advantage that beats centrifugal finisher is that the vibratory tumbler have good and complete touch inside recesses and holes. Each finished surface is even, uniform and perfect.

Vibratory finishing bowl is exactly easy to load parts and media, If you want to further facilitate the process, you can add media-parts separator for automatic discharge. 

vibratory polisher

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