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Why choose a vibratory finishing machine? What’s the advantage?

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Vibratory finishing machine, features round bowl shape, also called vibratory finishing bowl. It is a kind of mass finishing equipment, allows large quantities of small to medium sized parts to accept surface finishing, such as polishing, deburring, chamfering, radiusing, cleaning, smoothing, etc. Vibratory finishing supports for all kinds of materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, ceramic, glass, all metal and non-metal products.

vibratory finishing machine

Vibrator Finishing Machine Advantages 

1. The vibratory tumbling process does not destroy the original shape and size of the parts, ideal for sensitive and fragile products, while centrifugal barrel is not suitable.

2. The tumbling action between media and parts overcome the difficulty to touch awkward corners for overall and thorough finish, also ensures consistent quality for each parts.

3. It is a simple-structured mass finishing machine requires easy operation and less maintenance. Applicable for mass production of small to medium size parts, improve work efficiency 6-10 times. It is a great saving of labor cost.

4. The vibratory polishing and deburring machine can be designed with different capacity to meet demands, such as 40L 60L, 80L, 95L, 150L, 350L, 450L, 650L.

The versatile vibratory finishing bowl can achieve various purposes: 

Surface cleaning for industrial parts, such as removal of impurities, grease, thermal oxide, contaminants, rust and so on.

Vibratory tumbling process is widely applied in deburring aluminum or zinc alloy castings, the thickness and location of the burrs can be precisely controlled 

For the application of rounding corners and removing sharp edges, the vibratory finishing machine overcomes the disadvantages of difficulty, low controllability, inconsistent results caused by manual process.

Polishing parts to obtain high brightness surface, or restore the natural color of metal, the vibratory finishing bowl is specially suitable for brass and copper parts.

Kafan supply vibratory finishing bowl all you expect:

1. Small Vibratory Deburring Bowl

2. Medium Vibrating Polisher (popular size)

3. Large Vibratory Polishing Machine

4. Vibratory Bowl with Parts and Media Separator

5. Speed Adjustable Vibratory Tumbler

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